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UFC 172 results: Jim Miller submits Yancy Medeiros in round 1

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After a rough start to the first round, Miller seized the opportunity to tap out his opponent in the opening round of their fight.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

In a Lightweight tilt, Jim Miller faced off against late-replacement Yancy Medeiros on the UFC 172 main card. No credit can be taken away from Medeiros who took a big jump in competition on short notice.  He took the fight to Miller, but it wasn't enough to overcome. In less than a round, Miller was able to score a guillotine choke.

On the feet, Miller and Medeiros went back and forth. Evetually Miller landed a body blow that shook his opponent. From there, he established position before grabbing the fight-ending guillotine. Medeiros did his best to hold out, but he eventually went unconscious as Miller scored the submission win. Medeiros seemed out when the fight was called, but the fight was not declared a technical submission win.

Jim Miller submits Yancy Medeiros at 3:18 of round 1.

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