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UFC 172 results: Max Holloway chokes out Andre Fili in round 3

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the featherweights opened up UFC 172 as Max Holloway came from behind to secure a submisssion victory over Andre Fili.


In the opening fight of the UFC 172 main card, Featherweight Max Holloway took on Andre Fili. Holloway had his hands full throughout the round. He ate strong shots from Fili in the first couple rounds but managed to persevere. In the final round, he rocked  Fili and grabbed the opportunity when the guillotine presented itself to seal the victory.

Throughout the first round, Fili brought the fight to Holloway. He was able to get passed the size advantage and land more consistently and more effectively than his opponent. he scored a takedown about mid-way through the round, but Holloway was able to get up. The round ended with Fili pressing Holloway against the cage.

Holloway cam out aggressive in the second round. He managed to back Fili into the cage early and land a series of knees, but couldn't sustain the offense. Fili scored a takedown, but was locked down by his opponent before getting stood up. Fili pushed Holloway against the cage, but coulden't hold it as the round ended at range

The two sparred at range through the opening minute of the final round until Fili scored another takedown. Holloway pushed Fili back against the fence in the clinch but couldn't contol him there. Holloway let loos a combo that shook Fili. As his opponent dove for a takedown, Holloway grabbed the guillotine choke to force the tap in the final round.

Max Holloway submits (guillotine choke) Andre Fili at 3:39 of round 3