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Sober Yancy Medeiros finds rules governing marijuana a hindrance towards athletes

After testing positive for marijuana metabolites in November, Yancy Medeiros is now sober, but that doesn't mean he agrees that marijuana should be on the banned substance list

Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

BALTIMORE -Yancy Medeiros thought he had earned his first UFC victory when he knocked out Yves Edwards on November 6 of last year. However, that win was ruled a no contest when Medeiros' drug test came back positive for marijuana metabolites.

On Saturday, Medeiros (9-1-0-1) will make a third attempt to get in the UFC win column when he faces Jim Miller on the pay-per-view portion of UFC 172.

Speaking to the media, Medeiros said he is now sober and looking to put that positive test behind him. However, following the rules and agreeing with the rules are too completely different things, and Medeiros made it clear that he would like to see marijuana removed from the banned substance list, "I think it's a big hindrance towards a lot of people - towards a lot of athletes and fighters because a lot of them, like for me, I don't take any pharmaceutical drugs. Everything that I consume is all natural, all organic. It's tough now, I don't even take ibuprofen for headaches, so it's rough. So, if it would change it would be great, but for now, it is what it is."

Another change Medeiros made was working with the Nick and Nate Diaz in preparation for UFC 172. When asked if being around the Diaz brothers would be a threat to his sobriety, Medeiros replied, "There my brothers, they don't instill any negativity on me, and they respect my decisions, and my choices and they're there for me as a family and at the gym."

Medeiros, who began his mixed martial arts career as a light heavyweight before whittling himself down to lightweight, said the Diaz brothers have helped him with his nutrition, "Hawaii boys love to eat, and we're not nutritious about anything. So, they taught me about that."

Medeiros was originally scheduled to fight Joe Ellenberger on the preliminary card of UFC 172, but when injury forced Miller's original opponent, Bobby Green from the card, Medeiros was quick to volunteer to fight the No. 9 ranked UFC lightweight.