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Glover Teixeira on UFC 172 title fight with Jon Jones: ‘In my mind, I’m the champ’

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UFC light-heavyweight title contender Glover Teixeira joined Fox Sports Live last night to discuss his title fight on Saturday night.

If Glover Teixeira has any doubt about his chances on Saturday night, he certainly isn't letting it show in his pre-fight interviews.

The light-heavyweight title contender, who is scheduled to face current champion Jon Jones on Saturday night at UFC 172, is apparently brimming with confidence, even going so far as to state that he is already "the champ."

"In my mind I'm the champ," Teixeira told Fox Sports Live. "I'm going to go on Saturday night and take that belt."

The comment is an interesting one, as Jon Jones had spoken with similar confidence back at UFC 128 when he was scheduled to meet then-champ Mauricio Rua in the main event. Fans were outraged when Jones had begun signing posters with "Jon Jones Champion 2011," which Rua saw as disrespectful.

When asked about his signing, Jones responded by saying, "Now it's just my time to go out there and literally take what belongs to me. I feel as though that's my belt and I want it and I'm going to hang on to it."

Now nearly three years later, Jones is in a position where he is facing a challenger who is seemingly as hungry as he once was in 2011.

Later in the interview, Teixeira was asked whether it bothered him that Phil Davis was calling out Jon Jones before the UFC 172 main event. The Brazilian smiled and suggested that maybe Jones and Davis should fight to determine the No. 1 contender after he defeats the current champ on Saturday night.

"I'll beat Jones, then maybe Phil Davis can fight him to see who is next in line [for a title shot]. I am confident that I am going to take that belt."

UFC 172 takes place Saturday night at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.