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Miguel Torres, Will Chope featured on 8-man featherweight grand prix in Rebel FC

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Former UFC fighters Miguel Torres and Will Chope will head to Singapore as part of an 8-man featherweight tournament to crown Rebel FC's inaugural champion at 145 lbs.


Singapore's Rebel Fighting Championship hosted their inaugural event last January, in an exciting card that showcased highlight reel finishes from newly signed UFC fighter Alberto Mina, Taiyo Nakahara, and Rob Lisita. It was a promising showing for the upstart Asian promotion, and as they announced their plans for their second show on August 1st, it looks like their second show could deliver fireworks as well.

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Rebel FC 2 has been dubbed as 'Battle Royal', and it will feature the opening round of an 8-man featherweight tournament filled with exciting talent. Among the line up that has been announced is former WEC champ Miguel Torres, former UFC fighter Will Chope, URCC champ Reydon Romero, unbeaten Australian Michael Tobin, and former ZST champ Yojiro Uchimura.

The bantamweight legend in Torres will once again compete at 145 as he looks to to build on his win last February, and regain some of the luster he once had. The Asia-based fighter in Chope on the other hand, returns to Singapore and told Bloody Elbow that he hoped to get Romero once again.

"It's going to be huge when I win this tournament and become 's first featherweight champion. I just hope I get the chance to smash Romero again since he's holding my old belt that I vacated," Chope told us on twitter.

The rest of the 8-man field will be named in the coming weeks, with the opening round happening on August 1 and the next rounds on a future event. As Rebel FC matchmaker Chad Sanderson informed us though, the semi-final and final rounds will both be hosted on the same night, making for a true 'Grand Prix' reminiscent of the old tournaments in Japan.

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