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UFC 172: 17 Top MMA fighters predict Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira

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Several pro fighters such as Urijah Faber, Rashad Evans, Stefan Struve, Josh Samman, and Ben Saunders spoke to Bloody Elbow to give their expert opinions on the light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira at UFC 172.

UFC 172 is coming up, and it will be headlined by the much anticipated light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira. Bones' title reign is past the 3 year mark, and he has gone through 7 men in the process. Alexander Gustafsson has took out that aura on invincibility from Jones, but come Saturday will Teixeira be the 8th victim, or will he be the one to capitalize and end what is probably the most impressive title run in UFC light heavyweight history?

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Several current and former UFC fighters along with a few WMMA stars spoke to to try and answer that very question:

Urijah Faber: I think Jon Jones has the edge, because he has that wrestling advantage. If he gets himself in trouble, he can take the fight down and he has got solid submissions as well, so I'm leaning towards Jones here. But it's hard to say if he can finish.

Chris Lytle: You know, I've heard nothing but how good Glover is for a while, and how he's going to be the next big thing... but to be honest, I haven't really seen it yet to where I think it will happen. With Jon Jones, I think we've learned what his kyrptonite is, and it's not Glover. (laughs) It's not someone with that style. I'm going to go with Jon Jones. Glover seems very tough, so I think Jones will be a little leery by getting hit by someone who hits hard, so I'm going to go with a decision.

Mark Hunt: Jon Jones, TKO Probably.

Josh Samman: When we look back on the Jon Jones reign of the Light Heavyweight division years later, I think we will see Glover Teixeira as one of his easier matchups. "Easy" is never a word I'm comfortable with in a cage fight, especially a world title fight, but I think stylistically this is going to be bad for Glover. Teixeira has shown to be far too hittable in his recent fights, and Jon is too damn good at striking to not capitalize on that. Jones will hurt him and finish it with strikes or one of his long-man submissions, and hopefully move on to fight the one challenger I believe has a chance in the division, Daniel Cormier.

Kenny Florian: Jon Jones. I think he's going to win by TKO.

Stefan Struve: That's a difficult one because I think Glover is a really really good fighter. I think he's going to bring a really good fight to Jones, although still, he has that reach advantage. If Glover can get past that, I see him winning the fight, if not, Jones is going to win a decision.

Alberto Mina: I'm Brazilian, so I will have to support Teixeira. I never trained with Teixeira, but I have a friend he trains with, and he says he has very very heavy hands. I know Jon Jones is very skilled, a big guy, and has a very unpredictable style, but if Teixeira knocks him out, it wouldn't be a surprise for me.

John Hathaway: I'm going with Jon Jones. I'll probably say by TKO on the third or fourth round. Ground and pound, Elbows.

Will Chope: JBJ because he's 6'4.

Ben Saunders: This is a very hard fight to pick cause both are amazing fighters. My opinion is biased but also realistic. I had the pleasure of watching Glover prepare for this fight at American Top Team, and he is a beast. Not to mention what we have seen him do in real fights. Glover could be ATT's first UFC Champion and for this I have all the faith in the world that he will pull it off!

Rashad Evans: I think Jones will get him. I think this fight kind of resembles the Rampage and Jones fight. You know that Teixeira is a big puncher with a lot of experience but he doesn’t have one crucial element and this is good movement. He doesn’t have the good movement that he would need to bring problems to Jones. I think Jones will win by being quick, being able to get out and get in, strike and get out of the way.

Teixeira doesn’t look like his balance is too good sometimes, like when he fought Bader he was drunk-driving like a motherf--ker in that fight. He got caught, he was dizzy. I think that Jones is starting to really starting to believe more… well not believe, because he always believed, but that last fight with Gustafsson shook him, so now he is approaching it from different angles. He will have a lot more focus.

Mohammad Lawal trains at ATT and he is a really good friend of mine. He has been saying that Teixeira is looking killer right now. I have heard that from a few different people now. But if I had $100 and was forced to make a bet, I would say Jones all day. I think he is going to finish him.

Michelle Waterson: Bones wins by TKO in the third! Elbows!

Julia Budd: I think Bones will beat Glover. I think Jones will use his athleticism and speed and out-strike Teixeira as well as out wrestle him.

Tonya Evinger: I'm going with my boy Jon Jones. He hasn't lost it yet... I think Jones' time is coming to an end as world champ soon, but not by this dude.

Amber Brown: Honestly, I think that fight is a joke. It will be an easy win for Jones. I can't wait to see him lose that belt to the real champ, Gustafsson.

Alex Chambers: Jon knows how to use his incredible height and reach advantage. It's so hard for a shorter guy to get close enough to do some damage. Jon can just jab and do his lead leg side kicks to keep Glover away -- not to mention his viscous elbows if Glover does get into his range -- then choose his entry point to take Glover down. I'm picking Jon Jones by TKO, ground and pound.

Tecia Torres: Glover via 3rd round KO. Glover comes to fight. I don't think he will let Jones run his game plan on him. He will come and get in Jones face. He has the ability to get the KO. Plus, I'm a little biased. #attnation

Fighters Picking Jones: 14
Fighters Picking Teixeira: 3

Follow all the action live at the Bloody Elbow UFC 172 play-by-play and complete results blog.

HT: John Joe O'Regan for speaking to Rashad, and Eriksson Lau for the WMMA quotes

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