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Edson Barboza on Cerrone fight: 'He had his lucky blow'

Edson Barboza spoke about his loss to Donald Cerrone at UFC on Fox 11, saying he blinked at the time he got dropped by a jab.


Edson Barboza suffered just the second loss of his career when he was stopped by Donald Cerrone at UFC on Fox 11. The fight was going Barboza's way until he was dropped by a jab, which led to a Cerrone submission. Barboza spoke to MMA Junkie about the fight and said he would welcome a rematch if one was offered:

"I just want to fight again as soon as possible. If UFC gives me a rematch, I will be there. I want to keep fighting against those guys. I want to fight again soon because I know a have a lot more to show to my fans."

He also said that he actually blinked at the exact wrong time during the fight:

"It's hard to talk about that fight," Barboza said. "I knew I had everything to win that fight. I came hard to finish it. I wanted that win so bad. But God knows everything. I blinked at the exact time that he punched, so I didn't see the blow. If I had see it, he wouldn't have dropped me."

The Brazilian fighter stated that his attacking style may have led to his demise, as anything can happen with four-ounce gloves. But he wants the chance to prove he can overcome what he terms a "lucky blow":

"He had his lucky blow, so good for him," Barboza said. "Anyway, no matter the result, I'll prove that I am better than him without a lucky blow."