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UFC on Fox 11 draws a series low of 1.99 million viewers overnight

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UFC on FOX 11 may have proved to be a sellout in Orlando, but it also produced the lowest overnight rating in the series' history.

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Although the UFC on FOX 11 fight card was arguably one of, if not the best the organization has done since its debut on the network back in 2011, the overnight figures are certainly alarming.

The fight card, which was headlined by a heavyweight title eliminator match-up between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne, as well as a stellar undercard that included the likes of Miesha Tate and Donald Cerrone, was promoted as the best fight card in network television history. The overnight numbers certainly don't give off that impression, as the show scored an unexpected 1.986 million viewers (0.8) in the overnight rating.

Compared to the previous FOX fight card, which scored an overnight of 3.22 million viewers with a headlining bout between Benson Henderson and Josh Thompson, as well as a co-main event between Stipe Miocic and Gabriel Gonzaga, this FOX 11 did nearly half those numbers. The lowest viewership prior to that had been the UFC on FOX 3 and 4 shows, which scored 2.42 and 2.44 million viewers respectively.

The final ratings number, which will be out either on Monday or Tuesday, will likely to be higher. The overall number will take into account the West coast rating between 5-7pm (when the show aired) instead of between 8-10 as on the East coast. It will also include the 20 minute overrun during the main event.

UFC on FOX Ratings:
UFC on FOX 1: 5.70M viewers (3.1 rating)
UFC on FOX 2: 4.70M viewers (2.6 rating)
UFC on FOX 3: 2.42M viewers (1.5 rating)
UFC on FOX 4: 2.44M viewers (1.4 rating)
UFC on FOX 5: 4.40M viewers (2.5 rating)
UFC on FOX 6: 4.22M viewers (2.4 rating)
UFC on FOX 7: 3.70M viewers (2.2 rating)
UFC on FOX 8: 2.38M viewers (1.5 rating)
UFC on FOX 9: 2.80M viewers (1.8 rating)
UFC on FOX 10: 3.22M viewers (1.9 rating)
UFC on FOX 11: 1.99M viewer (0.8 rating)

Average UFC on FOX Viewership: 3.45M viewers.

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