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Dana White believes Werdum ‘fought a safe fight’ against Browne, says ‘Hapa’ suffered a broken hand and injured rib

Dana White thinks Fabricio Werdum chose to play it safe tonight to secure his title shot against Cain Velasquez.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

UFC on FOX 11 took place on Saturday night and featured a heavyweight main event between Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne. While "Hapa" was a heavy favourite heading into the fight, it would be Werdum who'd step up and take control of the bout over the five rounds, and put on arguably his best performance to date inside the octagon.

Alas, it appears UFC President Dana White sees it differently.

Although the Brazilian has now emerged as a clear contender for Cain Velasquez's heavyweight title, White stated at the post-fight press conference that Werdum chose to play it safe against Browne, who seemingly fought the majority of the fight with a broken hand and injured rib. He was also highly complimentary about Browne's toughness and durability for lasting the entire five rounds.

"He fought a safe fight to guarantee the [title shot]. I think he could have finished Travis, but Travis is a tough guy. They think he broke his rib in the first round. That would explain it. He definitely has a broken hand."

Werdum certainly appeared more aggressive in the earlier stages of the fight, as he attacked Browne with vicious leg kicks and even became the first fighter to take ‘Hapa' to the ground. He would appear to slow down in the fourth round, but it was ultimately a dominant performance.

While the heavyweight title fight between Velasquez and Werdum is all but signed, there have been no statements regarding a potential date or venue for the bout. With the UFC setting its sights on Mexico in the near future, it is likely they will want to feature that fight on the card.