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UFC on Fox 11: Werdum vs Browne results - The Sixth Round with Zane Simon & Kid Nate

Zane Simon and Kid Nate sit down immediately following the UFC's 11th Fox card to discuss all the evening's happenings, including a big win for Fabricio Werdum and a big loss of dignity for Zane.

There was a lot to talk about following UFC on Fox 11. With a number of top 10 fighters featured, the night offered a chance that opinions would be rewritten and divisions would be shifted. That's why Kid Nate and I are here to give you the full rundown of what an event full of great fights means for the UFC at large. Will Fabricio Werdum compete with Cain Velasquez, is Nurmagomedov a top five fighter, find out this and much more by listening in.

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Topics Covered:

  • Does Zane suck at fight picking? Probably.
  • Who thought Yoel Romero would show his wrestling like that?
  • Groin shots, illegal knees, and late stoppages. Not a great night for refs.
  • Jordan Meins business... (I apologize)
  • Just coast Miesha, you got this.