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UFC on FOX 11 results: Fabricio Werdum outclasses Travis Browne for unanimous decision victory

In the card's main event, Werdum made a clear demonstration that he was easily a better fighter than Browne. He scored multiple takedowns and outpointed his opponent on the feet to coast to a decision win.

Esther Lin

The UFC on FOX 11 headlining fight saw Heavyweight Fabricio Werdum facing off against Travis Browne. After five rounds of action, Werdum was clearly proven the superior mixed martial artist. He outstruck Browne on the feet and outworked him on the mat as he coasted to a clear cut unanimous decision victory.

The heavyweights came on stroung early mixing up strikes from range and clinch. After breaking up from clinch, Browne landed a right hand that hurt Werdum, but "Hapa" was not able to finish. Werdum was able to recover and put Browne on his back with a trip takedown. The action slowed for a minute as Werdum tried to hold half-guard, but Browne was eventually able to get back up. On the feet was able to land more often but Browne hit some of his own including a spinning back head kick.  Werdum returned the spinning kick in the closing seconds of the round followed with a flurry as the bell rang.

The big men continued with the action opening up the second round. After both landing hard on the feet, Werdum scored a takedown into back control. Browne rolled out into bottom half-guard before Werdum was able to pass into side control. Following some perfunctory ground and pound, WErdum stepped over for a kimura attempt that allowed Browne to escape to his feet. For the final minutes of the round, they exchanged single strikes on the feet.

Fabricio came out trying to overwhelm Browne with his speed in the third round, landing a quick combination in the openings seconds. Werdum backed Browne up with a hard blow, but couldn't land a fight-changing strike in the follow-up. Werdum's volume and technical prowess in the clinch left Browne looking slow and ineffective.

Throughout the fourth, Werdum was by far clearly the fresher fighter. Mid way through the round, Browne landed an accidental low-blow that stopped the action. When the action recommenced, Werdum went right back to disrupting Browne's rhythm with quick, stiff shots.

Werdum opened up the final round quickly with a takedown, but couldn't keep Browne on the mat. Werdum tagged Browne with back-to-back straight right hands. Despite clearly being behind on rounds, Browne struggled to find any opportunity to create any meaningful offense. A quick combination landed by Werdum. As the fight came to a close, Fabricio found limited opportunities to landed a couple shots while avoiding all of Browne's offense.

Fabricio Werdum defeats Travis Browne by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45 x 2).