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UFC on FOX 11 results: MIesha Tate scored unanimous decision over Liz Carmouche

After three rounds of action, Tate got the nod on all three judges cards for the unanimous decision win over Carmouche.


The co-main event of UFC on FOX 11 featured a clash of former women's Bantamweight contenders as Miesha Tate took on Liz Carmouche.

After some tentative striking exchanges early in the first round, Carmouche scored first with a takedown against the fence. She was unable to do much damage with her position before Tate escaped. They weren't standing long before Carmouche hit another, then another trip before the round ended. Not the most exciting round, but a clear one for Carmouche.

Carmouche looked for a repeat performance of the first round as she wrapped up Tate in the clinch early. Again she was unable to secure a true dominant position or land damaging blows. Tate caught Liz in a guillotine late in the round but lost it with 20 seconds remaining.

Tate was clearly in no modd to coast through the final round and scored a quick takedown into side control in the opening minute. Carmouche avoided Tate's attempt at mounted crucifix, but gave up back control in the process. Tate struggled to lock on a rear naked choke, but Liz defended ably. After getting the choke in for a moment, Tate was forced to release the hold.

Miesha Tate scored the unanimous decision (29-28 x 3) over Liz Carmouche