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Dana White on Will Chope's UFC release: 'As tolerant as I may be, some of our partners may not'

Dana White spoke for the first time about the high profile UFC release of Will Chope that stems from a 5-year-old domestic violence incident.

Will Chope was hours away from his second UFC bout, when officials decided to release him from the promotion after word came out about a 5-year-old 'misdemeanor assault' case stemming from a domestic violence incident. Chope and his ex-wife has since released a joint statement to appeal the decision, but Dana White doesn't seem to be keen on giving him another shot, stating that it's a sort of thing that could affect their business.

The full audio of Dana White's comments about Chope's release can be seen above or over at MMAFighting, and here are a few choice quotes:

"It seems like a great guy and he's got his stuff together, but a few years ago he didn't sound like such a great guy," White said. "You put your hands on your girlfriend or your wife and you're accused of it. You beat her three times or whatever you did, that's a tough one to overcome."

"Believe me, if there is anybody on this planet into giving second chances and we all make mistakes, we're all human beings ... we will give guys second chances, but first of all, we've got sponsorship partners, we have television partners, and the list goes on and on. As tolerant as I may be, some of our partners may not."

Chope's next fight is set for next month at PRO FC 9 in Taiwan, a promotion where the Asia-based American first made his MMA debut.