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TUF Nations Finale & UFC on Fox 11: Care/Don't Care preview

A quick-ish look at the next two cards and whether or not Eugene S. Robinson and Kid Nate can muster up any of their already minute interest and bring themselves to care about a few fights.

There's no pleasing some people... Or, really, there's just no pleasing Kid Nate, who tilts his nose up at all but the highest caliber of MMA. But let's face it, if you were here just for him, he wouldn't need Eugene and I as personality buffers. This week's Care/Don't Care preview takes a look at both the TUF Nations Finale and UFC on Fox 11: Werdum vs. Brown as the rapid pace of the UFC's April schedule has Bloody Elbow's video production unit scrambling to keep up. We promise a lot more videos this week and all at the same quality you've come to expect (yes, that one), but here and there there may be a bit of conjoined analysis as we try and make sure every aspect of two big UFC cards is covered.

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Topics covered this week:

  • Nazis (every damn show)
  • Eugene talks about death
  • Zane is tragically ill, but subjects you all to his 3 pack a day voice anyway
  • Nobody cares about TUF Nations
  • Everybody cares about UFC on Fox 11