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ABC President Lueckenhoff has ‘several concerns’ regarding the Wyoming commission’s handling of RFA 14 main event

ABC President Lueckenhoff released a statement to where he revealed his concerns regarding the handling of the RFA 14 main event.

The Resurrection Fighting Alliance's flyweight title fight between Junior Maranhao and Matt Manzaneres made MMA headlines over the past few days, primarily due to the ridiculous incident that occurred between the fourth and fifth rounds of that main event.

Junior Maranhao appeared to collapse off his stool ahead of the final round of the title fight, but was lifted by his corner men and allowed to continue fighting. The referee did not interfere and neither did the ringside physician, who are both paid to ensure fighter safety.

He would go on to lose a split decision to Manzaneres.

While the Association of Boxing Commissions responded to the incident yesterday, the ABC President officially released a statement to on Monday afternoon, where he revealed that he has "several concerns about the handling of the incident. " He will be requesting the presence of the ringside physician, referee and commission supervisor in order to review the matter with with the MMA Officials Training Chair Nick Lembo.

The statement can be viewed below:

"As President of the ABC, I will personally be reaching out to the Wyoming Commission today. I will advise Wyoming to review their handling of this particular matter with ABC MMA Officials Training Chair Nick Lembo and ABC Medical Chair Dr. Sherry Wulkan. I will recommend that Wyoming makes all pertinent officials (ex. Referee, Inspector, Commission Supervisor, Ringside Physician) available to discuss this matter in full. The ABC has several concerns about the handling of this incident and the later public statement issued by Wyoming."