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Nick Diaz on boxing Roy Jones Jr: ‘Buy my contract so we can fight’

Former Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz spoke to Fighthub regarding the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, a possible boxing match against Roy Jones Jr, and his continued interest in a title fight against Johny Hendricks.

Former UFC welterweight title challenger Nick Diaz was in Las Vegas on Saturday night, where he was in attendance for the highly anticipated rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Following the main event, Diaz spoke with Fighthub, where he discussed his love for boxing and why is able to enjoy it even more this year.

"I just love to watch him [Pacquiao]." Diaz told Fighthub. "I love the way he fights. I try and take what I can. This year has been good to me because I can go out and make a lot of these boxing shows. Usually I have to fight. People don't think I am a serious boxing fan but most of the time I had 3 to 6 fights a year in a career that lasted 13 years."

Diaz, although seemingly distracted during the interview, appeared to show interest in a potential boxing match against Roy Jones Jr, as he pleaded for the boxing legend to buy out his UFC contract so that it may become a reality.

‘If I could get somebody to buy my contract out from the UFC, I'd be fighting out here. Tell this guy [Roy Jones Jr.] to buy my contract so we can fight."

Reverting back to his status with the UFC, Diaz made it clear that he is interested in a title shot against Johny Hendricks, but does not expect to return to fighting unless the UFC is willing to renegotiate his contract.

"I'd like to fight for the world title against Johny Hendricks but these guys [the UFC] are kinda holding out. I'm trying to renegotiate my contract and negotiate some fights for this year. I don't know what will happen, maybe nothing. That's fine. Either way I can't complain. I had a good run. I've already had 37 fights but I would like to make a boxing run. It is up to Dana White and up to who's got the real money."