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Fighter collapses off stool, is revived by corner and officials allow fight to continue at RFA 14

Junior Maranhao collapsed face down off his stool at RFA, but somehow was allowed to continue fighting after his corner revived him.

RFA 14 went down tonight in Wyoming with the event broadcast live on AXS TV.

In what may well be one of the most shocking, sickening and incompetent moments in MMA history, Junior Maranhao collapsed off his stool between rounds four and five of the bout for the vacant flyweight title against Matt Manzanares. For some reason, Maranhao's corner revived the fighter, who was face down on the canvas, and sent him back out for the final round.

It was horrific for his corner to send him back out and disgusting that the referee and doctor allowed it to happen.

Zombie Prophet gif'ed the moment:


It's unacceptable that this happened. Regardless of the reason for his collapse, basic fighter safety says that you do not allow the fighter to be sent back out to continue the fight.

We will be following up with the Wyoming commission on this, but everyone involved should lose their license. These men should never be allowed to corner another fighter, the referee should never work another bout and the doctor should never work another fight.

Not that it is the main takeaway here, but he did also go on to lose the decision.