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Pacquiao vs Bradley II: Live fight online coverage with round by round live streaming results

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Get round by round coverage of Pacquiao vs Bradley II featuring Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley right here at Bloody Elbow.

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Saturday April 12, Bloody Elbow presents live fight coverage of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley II. HBO Boxing Pacquiao vs. Bradley II airs live on PPV this Saturday, April 12, with a fight time of 9:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. PT. Bloody Elbow will have live fight coverage, including results and discussion, right here.

This fascinating fight is a rematch from one of the most talked about and controversial fights in recent years. Timothy Bradley (31-0; 12 KOs) holds the win in that fight on paper, though few saw it that way. The undefeated fighter has gone on to have a tremendous 2013 and establish himself as one of the sport's best. A win over Pacquiao would continue his elevation. Manny Pacquiao (55-5-2; 38 KOs) is undeniably one of the top two boxers of the era. But the KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez has many questioning his future in the sport. He needs a win here badly, as a loss could spell the end of the Pacquiao era.

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Join us here at Bloody Elbow for Pacquiao vs. Bradley II results, discussion, and live fight coverage this Saturday, April 12.


Round 1 - Both fighters start jabbing, and exchange body shots early. Bradley tags Pacquiao with a clean straight right to the chin. He's very busy with his jab early. The crowd is going crazy for everything Pac throws, but there's not much landing for him. Bradley seals the round with a solid right hand and a couple of body shots. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 2 - Pacquiao comes out aggressive in round 2. He's trying to stalk Bradley down, but Desert Storm's lateral movement is good. A Pacquiao left hand is countered by a wide right from Bradley. Pacquiao stings Bradley with two hard left hands! Bradley is trying to brawl to get out of this. Nice right uppercut from Bradley, and these guys are going at it like crazy! Bradley lands the last good shot of the round, another clean right. Still, 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round 3 - Bradley comes out pumping his jab. Pacquiao nearly takes Bradley off his feet with a right hook after a left cross. The crowd is going wild as Pacquiao starts to dance around Bradley, landing left hands and skipping off at angles. Bradley starts to get grimy half way through the round, holding and hitting, and coming in head first. Bradley is coming forward with hard, wide punches to the body, but Pacquiao is landing with clean left uppercuts. Bradley purely on the defensive now, and Pacquiao takes this one. What a fight! 10-9 Pacqiuao.

Round 4 - Bradley starts the round with a good uppercut to the pit of Pac's stomach. Manny's using Bradley's old tactics against him, trying to kill his jab with a right hook over the top. Bradley with more vicious shots to the belt line of Pacqiuao. A good counter hook from Pacquiao is answered by an overhand right to the head from Bradley that has Pacquiao wobbling on his feet for a moment. Bradley is really investing in these body shots early, and Pacquiao has already slowed down. 10-9 Bradley.

Round 5 - Bradley starts round 5 with a good combination, but Pacquiao dances around him and cracks him with a clean cross. Now Pac is starting to counter Bradley's right hands to the body with a short left uppercut. Bradley with another pair of right hands. He's walking Pacquiao down against the ropes now, and counters him with a right uppercut to the gut when Pacquiao pivots into center ring. Bradley ends the round with some Ali-esque swaying and weaving, probably negating a good left from Pacquiao in the judges' eyes. 10-9 Bradley

Round 6 - Pacquiao's coming forward again, but Pacquiao is catching a lot of shots on his forearms and gloves. Bradley utilizing good lateral movement, but Pacquiao is landing the occasional shot. More blocking from Pacman, simple but effective. Bradley, too, has slowed down, possibly taking this round off adn showing off his defensive skills for the crowd. Bradley tries to look good in the corner--the commentary team buys it, but Pac was landing. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round 7 - Bradley told Joel Diaz "I'm hurt," in the corner before the 7th round. Both fighters at a more calculated pace at the start of the round. Pacquiao staggers Bradley with a good left hand while Tim goes back to bobbing and weaving without firing back. Bradley looks very confident, though, and now he's backing Pacquiao up with jabs, and counter uppercuts to the ribs. Four thudding left hands from Pacquiao. Bradley is covering up against the ropes while Pac flurries! Bradley finally counters, but Pacquiao won't let up. Now Bradley stands in the corner and waves Pacquiao in--the Filipino obliges, and staggers Bradley with another thunderous left. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 8 - Bradley begins the round wtih yet another right to the body. Both fighters noticeably slower now; they look to be fighting in spurts after that hellacious early pace. Pacquiao feinting with his hips, trying to land a lead left while Bradley pushes him back with his jab. Bradley with more exaggerated head movement--that may win him the fight, just as it did against Marquez. Pacquiao stalking Bradley now as Bradley clowns him. The crowd boos as Bradley rabbit punches Pacquiao. Round ends with Bradley in the corner--Pac looks to be taking over the fight. 10-9 Pacquiao.

Round 9 - Bradley leads with a right and nails Pac with a hard follow-up jab early. Bradley is still fighting with his hands down, trying to make Pacquiao reckless. Pacquiao wobbles Bradley with a left, but doesn't pounce. Pacquiao lands a pair of clean right hooks as Bradley swings wide and misses him. Pacquiao is utilizing some beautiful angles now, moving around Bradley as he plants his feet and just moves his head. Bradley connects with a nice right hand as Pacquiao lunges in, but it's not enough. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 10 - The last round was still Pac's, but that "punch that wobbled Bradley was actually a collision of the fighters' legs, according to the replay. Bradley backs Pac up with a good combination early. Now Pacquiao is catching Bradley's wide punches with his gloves. Pacquiao lands two consecutive right hooks over the top of Bradley's jab, both of which knock Bradley off balance. A stellar combination from Pacquiao, as his lightning fast hands follow Bradley's swaying head with perfect accuracy! Bradley lands a nice counter, but Pac seals the round with a nice combo against the ropes. Bradley looks to be the victim of his own pace--he's still game, but he's really slowed down. 10-9 Pacquiao

Round 11 - Bradley comes out with his now expected flurry, and Pac nails him with another pair of right hooks, but gets backed up by a wild right. Paquiao is controlling center ring now. Bradley's jab is much less active than it was, and he swings another whiffed power punch. Bradley lands a hard right over a Pacquiao cross, but he's continuously backing up now. 1-2 from Pacquiao. Bradley counters a left with a good right hand on the chin of Pacquiao. Close round. 10-9 Bradley

Round 12 - Bradley's punches look much slower in his opening flurry. Pacquiao sticks him with the southpaw jab., and a vicious wide left to the head that visibly hurts Bradley. A lead left from Pacquiao lands, and he stymies Bradley's counter with his jab. Half way through the round, and Pacquiao is blocking more punches from Bradley. Another wild exchange against the ropes; looked like it went Pacman's way. Bradley misses with another wide right, but lands the left hook to follow up. Pacquiao is boxing beautifully with his jab, killing Bradley's desperate offense in the final minute. It is a Bradley fight after all: referee Kenny Bayless stops the fight due to a headbutt that bloodies Pacquiao's cheek. The two fighters exchange wildly for the last five seconds. They're going crazy! 10-9 Pacquiao

Wow, what a fight!

I have it 116-112 on my scorecards. Official scores coming up.

116-112 x 2, 118-110 for Manny Pacquiao, the NEEEEW WBO welterweight champion of the world!

Thanks for joining us for this great fight!