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Former UFC champ GSP calls for random drug testing in title fights

Georges St. Pierre is still speaking out against steroid use in mixed martial arts. He responds to Nevada's ban on testosterone replacement therapy by calling for randomized drug tests for title fights.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

Former UFC Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre pushed for improved drug testing for his final UFC title fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. That effort failed due to resistance from the UFC and Hendricks. The Dallas Morning News spoke to GSP about drug testing in MMA in light of the Nevada State Athletic Commission's recent decision to ban testosterone replacement therapy in combat sports:

"It should have been done a long time ago. There's not another sports that accepts it. It's a joke. For our sport, I don't want to accuse individuals. Never once have I accused a person. I don't want to accuse the organization. The problem is the system. One of the reasons why I stopped (fighting) is I see a lot of (expletive) going on and I got tired of it. I tried to make things change and it didn't work.

"The guideline should be random testing, especially when you fight for a title. The guy that finished first in cycling, would have finished 40th 10 years ago. That's how much drugs help now. You lose a race in cycling, you lose your ego, you lose something financially. But if you lose a fight, not only do you lose financially and your ego, it can affect your well-being, you have cerebral damage and be really messed up. If the UFC does something, the other organizations will follow."

St-Pierre didn't say if or when he would be returning to the UFC. His former foe Hendricks will face Robbie Lawler at UFC 171 in Dallas, Texas to determine GSP's successor as UFC Welterweight champ.