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Bellator 111: Dantas vs. Leone live results, streaming video, discussion and play by play

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Bloody Elbow has live results, streaming video and play-by-play for tonight's Bellator 111: Dantas vs. Leone fight card, which is headlined by a bantamweight title bout and the quarterfinal round of the Heavyweight Tournament.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and play by play for Bellator 111: Dantas vs. Leone from the Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The featured card kicks off on Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET and the preliminary card, which will stream live and free right here on Bloody Elbow, begins at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Bantamweight champion Eduardo Dantas defends his title against Anthony Leone in the main event while the entire opening round of the Season 10 Heavyweight Tournament anchors the rest of the featured card.

The Heavyweight Tournament quarterfinals includes: Lavar Johnson vs. Ryan Martinez, Peter Graham vs. "Mighty Mo," Mark Holata vs. Alexander Volkov and, atop the preliminary card, Rich Hale vs. Blagoi Ivanov.

Find the results below in reverse chronological order.

Bellator 111: Dantas vs. Leone

(Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Eduardo Dantas vs. Anthony Leone -- Bellator Bantamweight Championship

R1: Front kick from Dantas, then a snapping jab. Leone catches the next front kick but can't hold on to it; Dantas curiously throws another and Leone snatches it up and turns it into a single leg. Dantas shows activity from guard immediately, angling his hips for a triangle with strong head control. Leone chips in some short shots. Body, body head punches from Leone. Dantas returns fire from his back, then closes his guard and might've gone for a shoulder-post armbar.

Medium output from Leone but there's nothing on his strikes. Elbows from Dantas on his back. Right elbow from Leone. Dantas swivels for an armbar but can't pass the leg over as Leone stays chest to chest. Considering Dantas' activity and defense, Leone didn't put enough heft nor volume on his strikes to prove the top was an advantage. 10-10.

R2: Dantas throws a left hook-cross combo coming in and Leone latches onto him in pursuit of a single. Dantas shakes it off and throws a front kick from range. Another hook-cross combo and front kick from the champ. Glancing left kick to the body from Dantas. Dantas slips on a kick and Leone tries to swarm but "Dudu" recovers unharmed. Quick right sneaks in for Dantas as Leone misses the Superman punch.

Another jab from Dantas. Leone whiffs with a spinning back fist but connects with Dantas after a flurry of punches, trying to finish a single leg. Dantas nimbly steps out of it and, with a little help from a cage-grab to stay upright, pushes down on Leone's head and steps backwards over his back, then falls into back mount with a deep rear-naked choke and both hooks in. Leone taps shortly after.

Eduardo Dantas defeats Anthony Leone by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2.

Lavar Johnson vs. Ryan Martinez -- Heavyweight Tournament quarterfinals

R1: Johnson spears with a hard jab. Martinez bear-paws an overhand right and follows behind it to clinch. In the 50/50 clinch, Johnson circles off and puts Martinez on the fence. Martinez hits a beautiful lateral drop with the over-under and gets into Johnson's half guard, chipping away with short lefts. Martinez gets aggressive with rights now but Johnson stays calm and controls his posture to quell the barrage.

Johnson tries to boot his hips off but Martinez stays glued to him, posturing up with a nasty succession of right hammer-fists. Martinez goes cross-face and then covers Johnson's mouth. Johnson explodes out with his hips and narrowly dodges a big right from Martinez. Johnson comes up throwing heat though, assailing Martinez with meatball right hooks, upstairs and down, and massive overhand rights. Amidst the torrent, Johnson clubs Martinez with a wide hook to the breadbasket and then pings him with an uppercut and a left hook, and Martinez topples over.

Lavar Johnson defeats Ryan Martinez by TKO (punches), Round 1.

Peter Graham vs. Siala Siliga -- Heavyweight Tournament quarterfinals

R1: Mo slams home a few heavy step-in jabs, then shoots for an outside single. Graham scrambles out of it nicely and puts Mo on the fence in the over-under, throwing rights to the body. Shoulder strike from Graham betwixt rights, then an uppercut. Mo's not as steady on his feet on the restart. Low roundhouse kick to the thigh from Graham. They collide with mutual overhands and Graham closes the combo with a nice body knee.

Low and front kick from Graham, then a medium left and hard right low kick. Another right and left low kick from Graham. Now another right and Mo is not digging it; Mo lunges in, throwing heaters that back Graham off. Graham weathers the storm and lands another body knee in the clinch. Lazy low kick from Mo, who's definitely tired. Push kick to the gut from Graham, then a chopping right lowkick. Lunging left hook from Mo lands flush. Another glances. Straight right from Graham slips through Mo's guard. Mo ducks under the next one and lands a counter right. Right hook, left uppercut, right cross combo from Mo. Mo glances with a right. 10-9 Graham for his initial surge, though Mo regained a little ground.

R2: Mo tries for a single leg and has to work for it, but gets it. Graham with a full, open guard and good posture control. Mo slips his head free and sits up for a few mid-power left hooks. Graham angles his hips for a sweep but Mo punches his way out of it. Graham cross-knees but makes enough space to stand up this time. Graham gets wrist control and then releases it to throw an uppercut-left hook combo.

Mo head-hunts with the overhand right. Graham keeps chopping away with low kicks. Demonstrative front snap kick from Graham lands to the face of Mo. Sharp, chopping low kicks from Graham, who finally persuades Mo to start checking them. Mo trudges forward and Graham grabs the double collar tie and lands a high knee while hopping backward with Mo on a single leg attempt. Mo drives forward for a bulldozer double leg and gets it, but can't do anything with the isolated arm before the bell. 10-9 Graham.

R3: Graham continues to crank on Mo's lead leg with low kicks and the big fella is walking gingerly on it. Mo goes after another single leg and eats a knee to the midsection but finishes it. Mo lands in half guard and isolates the far-side arm, looking for two-on-one. Graham twists free and bucks Mo off with a hip thrust and nearly escapes through the back door. Mo stays on him with a headlock and goes on his side to the scarf hold position, and manages to catch Graham sleeping on his position by weighing down with an arm triangle, then wrenching it to elicit a surprising finish via submission.

  • Mighty Mo defeats Peter Graham by submission (arm triangle), Round 3

Mark Holata vs. Alexander Volkov -- Heavyweight Tournament quarterfinals

R1: Holata buzzes Volkov with a heavy right as soon as he steps into range, then clinches up with the tall Russian. Volkov, though his back is on the fence, manages to peel off a a series of short lefts and then a sharper left hook that crumples Holata. Volkov swarms with punches.

  • Alexander Volkov defeats Mark Holata by TKO (punches), Round 1

Bellator 111 Prelims

(, 7 p.m. ET)

Rich Hale vs. Blagoi Ivanov -- Heavyweight Tournament quarterfinals

R1: Hale sportin' the mountain man scruff and shaved head. Hale unlatches a pair of big rights on the way in and gets sucked into the over-under clinch. Hale knees to the body after the fight for position ends. Ivanov goes downstairs with two short rights to the ribs. Hale answers with two lefts. Hale lower his level and drives his head in to take momentum, then releases the clinch with a hail of punches that Ivanov evades.

Ivanov back steps Hale's low kick. They clinch up again and Hale looks to drive Ivanov back in the over-under. Ivanov encircles Hale's head with a guillotine attempt when he lowers his level and they separate. Lunging jab misses from Hale. Ivanov comes in with a one-two and Hale tries to counter with a left-right. Ivanov, a little bloodied under his left eye, connects with an overhand left in close quarters. Long, straight one-two from Hale, then a nice lunging left hook before the bell. Even round with even offense on both sides. 10-10.

R2: Hale puts a jab in his face. Another. Ivanov whiffs on a wild right hook. Hale keeping straight punches on Ivanov, who stumbles after a Hale combo; looked like a slip. Ivanov gets more aggressive and charges in behind punches in pursuit of a body lock and Hale side-steps with counter-fire. Ivanov comes in again but triples up on his charging overhand left and catches Hale square. Hale wobbles back to the cage and gets bowled over by a swinging Ivanov. Ivanov hammers down an extended sequence of left hands, on the verge of finishing.

Referee Dan Miragliotta does a good job and gives Hale a fighting chance, and Hale toughs it out and threatens with a sweep that's close enough to force Ivanov off. Hale's a little woozy on the feet but still swinging despite a badly cut left eye. Ivanov's output disappears and he might be gassed. Nary a punch from Ivanov for the next 1.5 minutes. Hale walks him down with the occasional punch, though none of it's threatening at this point. Ivanov peels off another big left with 20 seconds left. Big heart by Hale. 10-8 Ivanov for the domination and near-finish.

R3: Double jab from Ivanov and a follow up left cross, all of which miss but put Hale in reverse. Ivanov stays on him and they clinch, then separate with Ivanov head-hunting with his left. They clinch again and Ivanov works a trip, falling into Hale's closed guard. The pace has slowed after the 2nd-round outburst, as Ivanov is a little flat from the top. He starts to posture up and throw strikes a minute into his top control but it's too late for Miragliotta, who stands them up.

Hale probes with a jab and lead hooks but not with the sense of urgency he needs. Hale steps in for a right to the body but Ivanov clinches with him to stifle his follow-up left. Ivanov backpedaling heavily, either tired or assured he's up on the cards. Or both. 10-9 Ivanov. I have it 30-27 for Ivanov.

  • Blagoi Ivanov defeats Richard Hale by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Cortez Coleman vs. Daniel Miller

R1: Coleman walks Miller down confidently but gets caught with a quick straight right. Miller fires another and then clinches with Coleman aggressively, landing a knee downstairs with double under-hooks. They separate and Miller bull-rushes Coleman again, but this time gets stuffed and drops to his back. Coleman lets him up and the same sequence repeats. Miller tries to pull guard a third time to no avail and we've yet to reach the halfway mark.

Coleman keeps him up with an underhook on the next clinch exchange and his stream of punches forces Miller onto his back, and Coleman obliges him this time. Coleman passes to a high half guard with headlock position and then expends serious energy attempting a choke that doesn't even exist. Coleman lets the quasi-headlock go and drives forward from half guard, potentially looking to trap Miller's right arm in an arm-triangle. Miller spins out but eats short punches from his back. 10-9 Coleman.

R2: Miller is hesitant to lock horns to start the second and experiments with using the open space to keep Coleman at bay. Miller kinda-shoots but pulls guard halfway into the attempt. Coleman in half guard. After a lull in activity, Coleman bases down and lands some short elbows. Coleman steps over for the crucifix and walks around the clock in a fight to keep it, then nearly uses the half-nelson to transition to back mount. Miller fights it off but Coleman powers his way into full mount and then traps Miller on his side as he tries to spin out, pelting down hard blows until the ref steps in.

Javy Ayala vs. Eric Prindle

R1: Ayala flings out a flurry to disguise a level change but Prindle easily stops the takedown attempt. Ayala puts Prindle on the cage and fires some knees to the thighs. They disengage. Ayala comes in swinging again and eats a counter hook this time, but Ayala changes angles in the clinch to hit a trip from body lock. Ayala knifes through Prindles' guard and gets full mount in just a few seconds. He postures up, then has to base down to control Prindle. Ayala interestingly opts to bail on full mount for side control and it allows Prindle to sneak a leg in and get half guard.

Prindle stays flat on his back until Ayala postures up with a stream of punches, but Ayala stops punching and controls him with an underhook. Still in half guard, Ayala keeps a strong, low base to contain Prindle and starts hunting for an arm-lock, going two-on-one on the far-side arm, but lowering his punch output. Time expires. 10-9 Ayala.

R2: Prindle throws a flat-footed combo and Ayala times a duck-under double-leg, falling into side mount with Prindle on the fence. Prindle tries to cage walk but Ayala's base is too heavy. Ayala tries to isolate the far-side arm again and Prindle kicks off the cage to roll out and escape. Ayala hits a double leg just a few seconds later, switching to an ankle pick when Prindle nearly gets loose.

Side control again for Ayala. Ayala baits Prindle by tying up the arm again and passes to full mount. Ayala somewhat relents on Prindle's sweep and takes side mount. Ayala pins Prindles right arm to the canvas to land a few unhindered shots. All domination from Ayala and even less resistance from Prindle. 10-8 Ayala.

R3: Taking good advice from his corner, Prindle wings a big uppercut during Ayala's next level change, backing him off. Prindle sprawls nicely on the next shot, then throws a hard combo. Ayala changes levels when Prindle plants for his next volley and gets it, taking half guard. Ayala goes back to work on the opposite arm and gets in Americana position but the ref curiously jumps in: it turns out Prindle's right eye is horribly swollen and Prindle tells the ref it was from an eye poke. The referee consults with the cage-side doc and waves the fight off shortly after.

Matt Jones vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

R1: Damn. Razak comes out cracking low kicks and throwing heaters. Razak unwinds a a pair of heavy one-twos, a blistering overhand right and a thunderous uppercut that pulls the plug on Jones. This one-sided beatdown was somewhat frightening to behold.

Chris Jones vs. Brent Primus

R1: Primus hits an early takedown but gets mashed in the face from inside of Jones' guard with a heel kick. Primus wobbles a bit but regains his wits, postures up and discharges a flurry of bombs from the top to seal another finish.

Chris Gutierrez vs. Justin McNally

McNally telegraphs a double-leg and pushes Gutierrez against the fence when he can't finish it. Gutierrez warned for knees below the belt from the clinch tie-up. Gutierrez hits a nice counter throw with strong hips and an underhook. McNally squirts free but nearly eats a big knee to the face on his way up, then does just that when they connect the next time. McNally crumples and Gutierrez finishes him off with punches.