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BE Advanced Class: Smash the de la Riva Guard with Rafael Lovato Jr

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Tired of being stuck in the open guard and getting your back taken? Well then jump in the BE Advanced class and learn how to pass and smash the de la Riva guard.

Alright welcome back to the advanced class, everyone warm yourself up and we can get started. In sport jiu jitsu the new and fancy guards tend to attract all the attention, but it is easy to forget that there are grapplers working every bit as hard to figure out new ways to smash those guard players.

The de la Riva guard has become a key part of the competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene, and is the bedrock of many of the modern open guard games being played right now. So for someone seeking to be a top player in modern jiu jitsu, defeating the de la Riva guard is a foundation skill for a passing game.

Teaching today's lesson is Rafael Lovato Jr, the most successful American BJJ player to date with a World Championship, both in gi and no gi, to his name in addition to being a two time Pan Jiu Jitsu Champion, European Champion and Brazilian Nationals champion.

The video comes from the BJJ Library, which has an excellent YouTube channel that the Advanced Class will most likely be drawing from again and is well worth a subscription. Also Lovato has released videos on his Pressure Passing for No Gi and it is an excellent pick up for the serious guard passer and if you live in the Oklahoma City region you can learn in person at his academy.

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