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BE Advanced Class: Billy Robinson's Arm Drag

With the sad passing of Billy Robinson, the BE Advanced Class features the catch wrestling master teaching his arm drag technique.

In a sad story this week, Billy Robinson passed away in his sleep and in his honor the BE Advanced Class is hosting a no gi class today. In his youth Robinson trained under the legendary catch wrestling master Billy Riley in his famously tough Snake Pit gym. Robinson became the best catch wrestler of a generation.

Robinson would be a pro wrestler in the Untied States and in Japan. Robinson gained a reputation as one of the toughest "shooters", wrestler with the ability to spar live, in pro wrestling. After wrestling Robinson became a trainer of pro wrestlers and MMA fighters, including Kazushi Sakuraba and Josh Barnett. At the time of his death, Robinson was considered the worlds foremost expert in all things catch wrestling.

This video is a peek into the grappling knowledge possessed by Billy, as he breaks down his arm drag in a way that might get you to totally reevaluate how you approach the technique.

Billy was a living encyclopedia, a patient teacher, and will be greatly missed by the grappling community

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