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Official Bloody Elbow Women's MMA Rankings: Bantamweight, Flyweight, Strawweight and Atomweight Top 15

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The top ranked fighters in WMMA across the 105lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs and 135lbs weight classes.

Esther Lin

Before I get to the rankings here is an overview (please read)

  • Rankings will be updated approximately every 3 months/each quarter, at the least.
  • A significant deciding factor on who goes where is who that fighter has beaten. For example, Holly Holm might head kick Miesha Tate into oblivion, but she has not beaten any top ranked opponents. These are not meant to be predictions.
  • How long a fighter can be inactive, but still ranked is subjective. For example, Sheila Gaff has made no news of returning to flyweight since her UFC release, and has not fought in that weight class since (2012). I removed her. On the other hand, Lisa Ellis hasn't fought since 2012 either, but she was pregnant, and she has stated she will be trying out for TUF, so I kept her in.
  • Fighters with major injuries (i.e. Pena and Nakamoto) are removed. I will go into more detail if instances of inactivity occur.
  • Failed drug test (Carina Damm, Cyborg). I still rank them. I don't see the point of removing them, then bringing them back. The uncertainty isn't as great as major injuries (Dominick Cruz). For instance, Kalindra Faria defeated Carina Damm in 2013. (Damm doesn't respect suspensions and keeps fighting in other countries.) I'm not going to ignore that fight as if Faria didn't just beat a ranked opponent.
  • Weight class changes will be handled after a fighter has actually fought in the new weight class. Rarely will I have a fighter in two weight classes.
  • I consider UFC/Invicta to be the premier leagues of WMMA, so seldom will you see a woman from another promotion crack the top 5-10... and that's all I can think of for now.
  • 105_atom_medium

    Update: Corrected my oversight of Seo Hee Ham. And added 'Deep Jewels' to 'Promotion'.




    It is impossible to please everyone, especially when it comes to rankings, but I will go through each weight class that answers some questions/comments that I think will come.


    - Julianna Pena and Miriam Nakamoto are not ranked due to long term injuries.

    - The rankings of Sarah Kaufman, Miesha Tate, Alexis Davis and Cat Zingano are pretty much interchangeable. The only absolute, in my eyes, is Zingano being ranked above Tate.

    - Miesha Tate beat and finished Marloes Coenen, who beat Sarah Kaufman. Sarah Kaufman beat Davis and Tate. Alexis Davis beat Jessica Eye, who beat Kaufman. I also feel, Tate going 4+ rounds (in total) with Ronda Rousey is more impressive than Kaufman getting finished in 54 seconds.

    - Finally, not only was Kaufman's win over Tate in 2009 it was also contested with 3 minute rounds.


    - Kalindra Faria not ranked due to dropping to 115lbs Strawweight


    - Every fighter going on TUF will absolutely still be ranked, and fights on TUF will count, but to a certain degree. Fighting 3 times in 6 weeks just isn't realistic today.

    - Carla Esparz is the Invicta champ, but Claudia Gadelha finished Ayaka Hamasaki.


    - Atomweights, such as Lisa Ellis and Jessica Penne will be removed if they make it on TUF. And depending how they do on the show will decide their strawweight rankings.


    You can go here (may contain NSFW content). That's where I put all the extra (W)MMA stuff that I don't post on BE.

    Alright. So...Do you like the center align? Want more info? Age? Record? Last fight? Pictures? Please let me know how I could change the formatting. "Previous rank" will be added in the next ranking.