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Metamoris 3 Advanced Class: Eddie Bravo Teaching The Leg Lock that Almost Finished Royler Gracie

A morning advanced class with Eddie Bravo showing the calf slicer he used to almost tap out Royler Gracie for the second time.

Eddie Bravo came very close to tapping out Rolyer Gracie for the second time last night at Metamoris 3. The two traded sweeps back and forth, but at the 20 minute mach wore on Bravo took clear control of the match and finished the fight in position for calf slicer heel hook combination he calls "The Vaporizer".

Eddie Bravo is a Jean Jacques Machado black belt and the founder of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, an association of no gi grappling schools that teach Bravo's brand of jiu jitsu. 10th Planet specializes in the under used and unorthodox techniques of grappling, be it from jiu jitsu, catch wrestling, sambo, wrestling, judo, or just the imagination of the grapplers on the mat.

So here is a video from 2009 that Bravo did on the Vaporizer with the MMA Girls, and expect this submission to start popping up in the next few weeks.

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