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Following surgery for torn ACL, Rashad Evans targets fall return

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Less than two weeks before his scheduled fight last month, Evans was pulled from the bout due to a knee injury. He recently revealed he suffered a torn ACL in practice and has already undergone reparatory surgery. Currently in therapy, he hopes to return this fall.

Kevin C. Cox

Just ten days out from his scheduled fight at UFC 170, former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans was forced out of the bout due to injury. A torn ACL suffered during practice left divisional debutant Daniel Cormier without an opponent until UFC newcomer Patrick Cummins step in on short notice. Cormier went on to score a first round KO while Evans was left riding the bench.

On Monday's episode of The MMA Hour, Evans revealed that he's already undergone surgery to repair the torn ACL and detailed how the injury occurred:

"[The knee injury] was the last practice of the camp," Evans told host Ariel Helwani. "Towards the end of practice, I was doing a wall drill, where guys are trying to hold me against the wall, and we were wrestled up and [training partner Cezar Mutante] slipped out of position and he ended up landing on my knee at a certain angle. I landed on it wrong and I messed my knee up pretty bad, and at that point that was before the conference call."

With surgery behind him and already into physical therapy Evans says he's hoping to be able to fight again in the fall. That's an optimistic goal as the projected recovery time is between 6-8 months which could push his return closer to the end of the year. Evans is on a two fight win streak with a split decision over Dan Henderson last spring and, most recently, a first round TKO over Chael Sonnen at UFC 167.