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Aldo calls Swanson and Mendes, wants Pettis no matter how

Jose Aldo didn't choose his next challenger and says he would fight both of Cub Swanson and Chad Mendes. He also doesn't know if Pettis wants to fight him but will catch "somehow".

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo has no preference for the next challenger of his UFC featherweight title. While his superfight with the Lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will still be delayed, the 145-pound champion told that he thinks his next opponent will be one between Cub Swanson or Chad Mendes and would agree to face either of them:

I think my next opponent can be any of them. They have been winning lately. Swanson not so much but Mendes won his last five fights so he is deserving. If I will have to fight with Swanson, I think he deserves too. Right now we are waiting the UFC define this. I think I will fight again in August or September.

To be fair, both Swanson and Mendes are in a five win streak but Aldo don't want to think so much about it and makes a joke with the situation:

Put the two of them to fight against me and the problem is solved. Let's do this and drop them out of the line. Bring the two of them so we can end this and call a third one.

About Pettis, Aldo still wants to fight him, no matter how:

I think not just me but everyone wants this fight, including him. It would sell a lot. I think both of we want to do this fight. He had a knee surgery and now he will be a TUF coach, my change of division was suspended. But I think he wants. Based in what he talks, he wants, but in the backstage not so much. I don't know what happens. I hope he wants this, it would be good for me, for him, for everybody. If he doesn't want, we will catch him somehow.