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World Series of Fighting 9: Carl vs Palhares - Live results and play-by-play

Rousimar Palhares gets a shot at WSOF gold when he takes on Steve Carl for the welterweight title at World Series of Fighting 9.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

World Series of Fighting returns to the NBC Sports airwaves tonight with their ninth card. The main card action will kick off live on NBC Sports at 9 p.m. ET.

Two titles are on the line tonight as UFC veteran Rousimar Palhares gets a shot at WSOF welterweight champion Steve Carl in the night's main event and Marlon Moraes and Josh Rettinghouse meet for the promotion's bantamweight title.

Former UFC title challenger Yushin Okami makes him WSOF debut tonight with a middleweight bout against Svetlozar Savov, former UFC fighter Josh Burkman takes on Tyler Stinson in a welterweight fight and John Gunderson a (you guessed it) UFC vet takes on Chris Greutzmacher in a featherweight fight to round out the card.

Make sure to come back tonight and share your thoughts in the comments as the action goes down.

Josh Burkman vs. Tyler Stinson - Round 1 - A lot of feeling out to start the bout. Huge right hand from Burkman drops Stinson and a follow up right hand on the ground and Stinson is out. Massive KO from Burkman. Josh Burkman wins by KO (punch), round 1.

Yushin Okami vs. Svetlozar Savov - Round 1 - Okami with a takedown and he's in half guard. He more or less stays in half guard or close to mount for the entire round but doesn't come close to a finish at any point. Take your pick between 10-9 or 10-8. But it's clear this isn't a competitive fight.

Round 2 - Takedown from Okami and he does more work from the mount but finally locks in an arm triangle and it's over. This fight was meaningless due to not being competitive on paper or in action. Yushin Okami wins by submission (arm triangle choke), round 2.

Marlon Moraes vs. Josh Rettinghouse - Round 1 - Moraes is putting the pressure on him  Rettinghouse forced do cover up as Moraes turns up the attack even more. Rettinghouse does manage to end up on top briefly but nothing doing before they're back to the feet.

Round 2 - Moraes is just working Rettinghouse over but it's not the most compelling of fights. Rettinghouse is turning purple as the fight wears on. Moraes just safely picking his spots on the feet for the full round. Easy 20-18 for Moraes to this point.

Round 3 - Moraes has worked over Rettinghouse's leg badly now and he's having trouble putting weight on it. Also, Rettinghouse's nose is bleeding. Moraes with more big leg kicks. Now a few big knees and Rettinghouse is down. he manages to survive the round but this is over.

Round 4 - Rettinghouse's corner refuses to stop the fight because they're awful. He spends much of the round in a butt scoot because of his leg being damaged. Moraes can do whatever he wants, but he genuinely seems to not want to hurt Rettinghouse at this point.

Round 5 - Of course, the referee, doctor and corner all go along with sending Rettinghouse back out for the final round. Again, Moraes basically carries him for the round rather than hurt him. This fight is bad on a number of levels.

Moraes wins by unanimous decision.

Rousimar Palhares vs. Steve Carl - Round 1 -Palhares with a takedown and it's just a matter of time now. Carl throws his legs up and Palhares grabs a leg and moves right for the heel hook. Carl taps, Yves Levigne jumps in and grabs Palhares who doesn't let go, Yves grabs Palhares hands and he releases the lock. Not the worst of Palhares' violations, but replay shows it's clear that he holds it well after Yves initially grabs him and forces the ref to pull his hands off. Rousimar Palhares wins by submission (heel hook), round 1.