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Settling the Score: Judging UFN 38 with Zane and Connor

BE's Zane Simon and Connor Ruebusch compare scorecards from UFC Fight Night 38: Henderson vs. Shogun. Of course, there weren't all that many decisions to discuss, but the event had it's fair share of discussion-worthy official decisions.

When Bloody Elbow reader "Sensei Scott" suggested that the writers of BE put themselves through the rigors of scoring an event, I was delighted. Sure, it's fun to criticize judges for all of their terrible, terrible decisions, but why not put ourselves to the test, try on our officiating pants for an evening, and see if we don't come up with our own little controversies? Of course, all that was needed was an evening chock full with decisions, which shouldn't have been a problem considering the UFC's, erm... less than thrilling track record so far this year.

We decided we'd make UFN 38/UFC Fight Night 38/UFC Fight Night Brazil/UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Shogun 2, Electric Boogaloo our test run of this idea.

As you may have noticed, it wasn't chock full of decisions. In fact, of the 11 fights on the card, all but 4 ended in the first round. That's not to say, however, that we didn't have much to discuss. True to form, the UFC's latest Brazilian venture had its fair share of controversial decisions, both from the judges and the referees, and that's exactly what Zane Simon and I sat down today to discuss.

Of course, in future, we'd like to get Dallas Winston in here to better mimic a 3-person panel of judges, and spend more time discussing our own decisions rather than those rendered by the actual judges, but he was off hunting Bigfoots (Bigfeet?), and was thus unavailable. All the same, Zane and I are happy to bring you the inaugural edition of Settling the Score.

If you have problems with the video above, watch it right here on Youtube, and be sure to subscribe to MMA Nation on Youtube for instant updates about more videos like this. Oh, and for future events, you can keep up with the BE staff's live scores on Twitter with the hashtag #BEJudging.