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Chris Weidman's double knee surgery should not stop July 5 bout

Chris Weidman is expected to need four weeks to recover from his double knee surgery, which should leave him able to fight Lyoto Machida on July 5.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Chris Weidman's issues with his left knee put his bout with Lyoto Machida on hold when issues he'd had since high school got to the point where it was time to have the knee cleaned out. But, Weidman is now making the decision to clean out the right knee at the same time, a procedure that isn't expected to keep the UFC middleweight champ out of the July 5 rescheduled Machida bout.

Ariel Helwani gave an update on the situation on UFC Tonight last night:

He’s in relatively good spirits. He’s been battling knee problems since high school. He’s had meniscal tears in both his knees since high school. It’s something he’s been battling throughout his career. About every six months, the left one would get locked up. It just happened twice in the last week and swelled up and has been painful. So he decided get it cleaned up and get a scope of the left knee and while he was at it, he decided to get the right one cleaned out as well, which was operated on in high school. He’s having surgery on Tuesday. They’re anticipating a four-week recovery and don’t expect any problems to be ready for the fight on July 5th.

The only real concern would be if the surgery reveals any unexpected issues. But there has never been a time in Weidman's career where it was more important that he was as healthy as possible.