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UFC Fight Night: Dan Henderson puts Shogun Rua to sleep with a right hook in round 3

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In a rematch of their war of attrition at UFC 139, Henderson came back after giving up two rounds to knockout Rua and finish the fight.

In a rematch of the UFC 139 fight of the year, former light heavyweight champion Mauricio Rua once again faced off against Dan Henderson at UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2. In the first fight, Henderson got the nod in a close decision. The event took place at the Nelio Dias Gymnasium in Natal, Brazil.

A slow start to the action in the opening round. Rua was visibly wary of Henderson's power in the first minutes staying outside and covering up immediately after each shot. Henderson put his head down trying to swing his way inside repeatedly and scored a takedown halfway through the round. It didn't take long for Rua to return to his feet and go back to striking at range. A left hook from Henderson rocked Shogun who backed up into the cage. He responded with a big right hand that sent Hendo to the mat. Henderson looked out for a second as Shogun poured on the ground and pound but he was able to regain his feet for a moment. The round ended with Shogun postured in Henderson's guard and delivering ground strikes.

Shogun came out in the second round looking to land another big hook before taking the fight into the clinch. After being unable to land in the clinch, they separated for a few brief exchanges. Rua landed a big uppercut that caused Henderson to drop once again. Henderson was able to grab guard and held on for a chance to recover. After the action staled, referee Herb Dean stood them up.

Shogun looked to continue his success in the first two rounds by keeping Henderson at the end of his jab. As per his corner's advice, Henderson was trying to time his big right hand to come over the jab. A couple minutes into the round, Henderson threw a tight right hook coming out of the clinch that sent Rua to the mat. He chased him down to the ground and followed up with ground strikes that forced Herb Dean to stop the fight.

Dan Henderson knocks out Mauricio Rua at 1:31 of round 3.