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UFC Fight Night: Santos, Formiga, Robertson, & Pepey get finishes on the prelims

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Check out the fight results from the preliminary card of tonight's UFC Fight Night: Natal. The feature bout saw a middleweight clash between Ronny Markes and Thiago Santos.

The latest UFC event went down Sunday night out of the Nelio Dias Gymnasium in Natal, Brazil with UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2. The main event featured a light heavyweight rematch between Dan Henderson and Mauricio Rua. Prior to the main card, five bouts were went down on the preliminary card.

The prelims started at 4:30 p.m. ET (1:30 p.m. PT) on Fight Pass with a single featherweight fight. From there the action headed to FS1 for the televised broadcast and four more fights. With the scheduled feature bout between Diego Brandao and Will Chope cancelled, Ronny Markes and Thiago Santos took the top spot in a middleweight tilt.

Fight Pass prelims:

Godofredo Pepey (10-3) vs. Noad Lahat (7-0) - Featherweight

The 145 lbers came out swinging at the opening bell. Pepey got off first, but Lahat responded quickly with a strong combination of his own. Throughout the first half of the opening round, Lahat was able to avoid his opponent's wild strikes while getting in quickly to land combinations. After eating those shots, Pepey found his range. He dropped Lahat with an overhand right, but Noad was able to recover and separate. Pepey followed that up with a beautiful flying knee that put Lahat down and ended the fight.

Godofredo Pepey knocks out Noad Lahat at 2:39 of round 1.

FS1 prelims:

Francimar Barroso (16-3) vs. Hans Stringer (21-5-3) - Light Heavyweight

Hans took the lead early by controlling the action on the ground and in the clinch. He stifled Barroso's guard from top position while mixing in solid ground strikes. When Francimar finally stood up, Stringer won the clinch battle to take the round. Barroso didn't allow Stringer to control him in the second round. He repeatedly shrugged off Hans' takedown and trip attempts while responding with heavy punches and kicks. The final round was slow from both sides of the cage. Stringer repeatedly trapped Barroso against the cage, but couldn't do much damage from there. Barroso scored a late takedown and followed with ground and pound as the fight came to a close.

Hans Stringer beats Francimar Barroso by split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

Thiago Perpetuo (9-3-1) vs. Kenny Robertson (12-3) - Welterweight

Robertson took off early as he opened up Perpetuo with a high kick that opened a cut. He never let off the gas from there moving quickly into mount. From dominant position he unleashed some brutal ground and pound with elbows to worsen the cut. Perpetuo gave up his back. Robertson immediately went for the rear naked choke to get the tap.

Kenny Robertson submits (rear naked choke) Thiago Perpetuo at 1:45 of round 1.

Jussier Formiga (15-3) vs. Scott Jorgensen (14-8) - Flyweight

Through the first two minutes of the fight, Formiga and Jorgensen exchanged on the feet. Jorgensen was landing consistently at first, but Formiga eventually found his rhythm and started scoring with some combinations of his own. Formiga ducked under a right hand and an accidental head butt sent Jorgensen to the mat. that was the beginning of the end for "Young Guns" as Formiga immediately took his back and secured a body triangle. From there he attacked for the rear naked choke and finally got the tap.

Jussier Formiga submits Scott Jorgensen at 3:07 of round 1.

Ronny Markes (14-2) vs. Thiago Santos (8-2) - Middleweight

Santos hurt Markes early with a heavy liver kick. Markes went to his back in an effort to recover. Santos followed up with ground strikes. After a flurry of hammerfists, referee Mario Yamasaki was forced to stop the fight.

Thiago Santos scores technical knockout of Ronny Markes at 0:53 of round 1.