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UFC featherweight Will Chope was booted from Air Force and incarcerated for domestic violence

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Less than a day before his fight against Diego Brandao, a document Chope's history in the Air Force surfaced detailing an assault on his ex wife and his discharge from the military.

Tomorrow night, UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Henderson 2 will go down at the Nelio Dias Gymnasium in Natal, Brazil. In the feature bout of the Fox Sports 1 preliminary card, TUF 14 winner Diego Brandao will take on Will Chope in a featherweight tilt. Less than 24 hours before his fight, it's been revealed that Chope has a history of violence outside the cage.

Jeremy Botter from Bleacher Report first reported the document on Twitter. In 2011, Chope received a bad conduct discharge after being convicted of assault and battery and sentenced to five months in confinement. The details of the incident that caused his discharge are disturbing:

The argument escalated and he told AW (Chope's ex-wife) that if she did not give him the credit card, he would hurt her. When AW refused, the appellant told her that he had nothing to lose and that he was going back to Florida. He then went to the
kitchen, retrieved a paring knife, and threatened AW with it. He grabbed her, slammed her head onto the floor, and hit her on top of her head with both the knife handle and his hand. When AW screamed for help, the appellant took her onto the ground, and used a "pillow or blanket" to silence her screams. The appellant continued demanding that she return the credit card, and she continued refusing. At one point, he pointed the handle of the knife at her thigh. When AW tried to escape, he kicked her leg with his foot, but she never gave him the credit card.

This incident followed "multiple occasions" of Chope physically assaulting his ex-wife after she cheated on him. The report above comes from Chope's appeal of the sentence, which he felt was "inappropriately severe."

In response to Chope appearing as a guest-blogger for Bloody Elbow earlier this week, Editor Brent Brookhouse had this to say: