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Metamoris 3 Advanced Class: The Anaconda Choke with Rafa Mendes

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The Mendes brothers are set to take part in Metamoris 3, so Rafa Mendes stops by the Advanced Class to show the Anacaonda Choke as he get's ready for his submission only match with Clark Gracie.

Metamoris 3 is set for March 29th and the much awaited rematch of the biggest upset in competition jiu jitsu history between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie appears to finally be happening. The card is stacked full of grappling super fights between some of grappling's best.

You can purchase the $20 stream right here at and Bloody Elbow will have full coverage of the event.

Right before Bravo and Gracie take the mat, Rafael "Rafa" Mendes will be taking on photogenic omoplata master Clark Gracie. Mendes is a three time IBJJF World Champion, two time ADCC champion, and along with his brother and Samuel Braga, is one of the pioneers of the berimbolo. While Mendes is known for his sweep game, he is an excellent finisher as well.

So in the lead up to Metamoris Advance Class is featuring a video of Mendes teaching an Anaconda Choke posted on the Mendes brother's You Tube channel about a year ago, be sure to check out their channel for videos, we will draw from it again.

And if you live anywhere near Costa Mesa, California shut down your computer right now and head to the Mendes brothers' academy Art of Jiu Jitsu and start training with them right now.

As a little bonus here is a video of Rafa rolling no gi with Jake Shields, at 4:30 Rafa taps Shields with a leg lock, at 5:20 Rafa sweeps Shields to mount and then in a scramble hits a front head lock choke.

Rafael Mendes vs Jake Shields | NOGI Sparring Session | Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy (via Art of Jiu Jitsu Academy)

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