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What do the fight statistics say about Tyron Woodley's cardio?

Joe Rogan and Tyron Woodley have different opinions of his cardio. So Paul Gift goes to the fight data to bring in an independent third party regarding Woodley's cardio.

Tyron Woodley didn't approve of Joe Rogan's commentary during his fight with Carlos Condit last Saturday at UFC 171. Each man is entitled to their own opinion, but let's also bring in a third one - the fight data. I've put together a quick and dirty analysis of Woodley's endurance.

I measure endurance by looking at a fighter's power shot activity in the key positions of distance and ground control, comparing the second round to the first and the third to the second. I'm somewhat hesitant to use data from the first round because of the possibility that a fighter is just a slow starter (e.g., two minutes feeling out time), which has nothing to do with his endurance. I'll go ahead and use it for this quick and dirty analysis since, if that were the only thing going on, it would make the second round appear more active than the first and that's not what we have here.

1st to 2nd: Woodley throws 20% fewer power shots per minute at distance in the second than the first, but lands 10% more. On the ground, he throws 29% fewer power shots per minute and lands 70% fewer.

2nd to 3rd: Woodley throws 52% more power shots per minute at distance in the third than the second, but lands 3.3% fewer. On the ground, he throws 68% more power shots per minute and lands 102% more.

These are all apples-to-apples comparisons, only looking at the same fights between the first and second rounds and between the second and third rounds. It appears that Woodley may gas a bit in the second round, but get his second wind or press hard in the third. Then again, maybe Woodely's implementing his gameplan to "increase the level in the third round." The data would seem to support him there. What do you read into these numbers? Do you see anything different? Share it in the comments. One thing these numbers don't account for is the possibility of Woodley spending more time clinched-up in the second and third rounds and not being very active in that position.

Do you have any suggestions on ways to better measure a fighter's endurance? Share those in the comments as well. If I use your idea, you'll win a free................"Thank You."

Are there any a fight questions you'd like analyzed? Send them to or @MMAanalytics on Twitter. Fight data provided by FightMetric.