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BE Advanced Class: Keenan Cornelius Teaches Orbit Sweep from Lapel Guard

A new BE series that will feature grappling instructional videos by sport grappling's best delving into advanced techniques being used by competitors at the highest levels of grappling.

Alright, welcome to the BE Advanced Class, open to all who have two or more stripes on their BElitist white belts. This class will feature a video of one of the best in grappling teaching the techniques being trained by grappling's best athletes. Videos will drawn from publicly posted videos currently, but it is our hope we will be able to get videos specifically made for this series as well.

To start things off we have Keenan Cornelius teaching the basics of the Lapel Guard, a guard that has recently come into popular use. Top level Jiu Jitsu competitors have been developing variations upon variations of open guard work. Manipulation of the gi has been central in some of these guards, and the lapel guard is something of an extreme in that case. The Lapel Guard really gained famed when Braulio Estima used his Galaxy Guard, which is a variation of the Lapel Guard against Rodolfo Vieira and thoroughly stalemated Rodolfo's famed passing game with it.

Teaching the technique is Keenan Cornelius, and while he has been a black belt less than a year, he is a multiple-time world champion in the lower belt divisions and was a bronze medalist at the 2013 ADCCs. Formally of Team Llyod Irvin, Keenan left in the midst of the rape scandal, and now trains with Andre Galvao at Atos Jiu Jitsu, one of the top teams in the world, in San Diego, California. He posted this video on his Youtube channel about two weeks ago, and it has been making the rounds.

So pay careful attention, use the full drilling time, and then feel free to roll a bit in the comments!

Edit: A reader, Dokkodo, requested an inclusion of a video showing this technique being used in competition. So here is a breakdown of Keenan's lapel guard in competition.

Lapel-Spider-Guard Analysis, The Roll from Keenan Cornelius (via Henri Lindroos)

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