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Steve Bosse retires after injury forces him to pull out of first UFC bout

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Steve Bosse, a notorious semi-pro hockey goon, was scheduled to make his UFC debut in April. After a shoulder injury forced him out of the bout he has now decided to call it quits.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Steve Bosse has called it quits in MMA a month after he was scheduled to make his UFC debut. The notorious semi-pro hockey goon signed with the UFC and was set to meet Ryan Jimmo in his first trip to the Octagon, but a shoulder injury forced him to withdraw from the bout.

Bosse says that he is listening to his body and will step away from the sport. MMA Fighting with the quotes:

"My body is talking to me," he said. "It's time that I make the right decision."


"When I started in hockey, I had rage in me," he said. "This sport helped me channel that. It was my therapy. Today, that rage is no longer in me. Today, I'm doing well. I don't feel the need to fight anymore, to go make war."

Bosse got in a ton of fights during his time in hockey, earning a reputation prior to coming to MMA.

In the professional ranks Bosse managed a 10-1 record, beating such UFC vets as Wes Sim, Houston Alexander and Marvin Eastman.