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Video of 1 second KO from WCMMA 14

Check out video of one of the fastest flash KOs on record.

Ultimate Challenge MMA is looking to enter their name into the books as the promotion with the fastest knockout on record following a bout between Sam Heron (apparently) and Mike Garet at WCMMA 14. Warrior Challenge MMA is a subset of small events run by UCMMA. UCMMA itself is the rebooted Cage Rage promotion from the early 2000's, which hosted fighters like Michael Bisping, Paul Daley, Ian Freeman, and even Anderson Silva (most notoriously against Tony Fryklund).

The bout between these two welterweights doesn't last long, as you can imagine from a video title 1 second KO. The fight pretty much only consists of a single rear leg headkick, followed up by some super awkward dancing. As always the idea of an official time keeper stopping the clock becomes a bit hazy in these situations. UCMMA has helpfully provided their own, embedded time clock to make their claim, but it looked like it might have taken the ref another second to actually wave it off. Either way, these two fighters have earned their place on the mantel of cool stuff you show your friends.