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UFC 171: Among the ruins - Nate & Eugene look back at Hendricks vs. Lawler

Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson of take another look back at UFC 171: Hendricks vs Lawler, the difference between sluggers and champs, hate on Myles Jury's tedious ways and talk title shots, Nick Diaz and more.

The UFC 171 main event was so epic that Eugene and I just had to fire up the web cams and give it a thorough revisiting.

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Topics covered include:

  • Nate struggles to control his involuntary partisanship in the Irish troubles and atavistic instinctive Orangeman status. Sorry humanity, I know the Irish have been oppressed and still are getting the high hard one, I just can't help my instinctive reaction. I can only admit what it is and try to control it.
  • Hot new Flyweight Justin Scoggins and whether or not Karate is a truly viable striking style for MMA
  • This year's semi-disastrous SXSW, the end of the New Music Seminar and the role of hip-hop and race in all that mess, plus a diversion into overhyped 80's Austin indie bands and why Nate never listens to rock critics
  • Kevin Gastelum vs. Rick Story as the perfect prelude to the epic Hendricks vs. Lawler headliner
  • Carlos Condit -- fun or no fun and is he done?
  • Lots of chatter about Jake Shields
  • The global menace that is Myles Jury and the Alliance camp
  • Hendricks, Lawler and sluggers vs. champs
  • Plus lots of random asides