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BE Advanced Class: Fabrício Werdum's Triangle from the Closed Guard

Fabricio Werdum stopped by Cobrinha's school to show some advanced details on setting the triangle choke, and ended up choking someone out.

It is a no gi advanced class today here at Bloody Elbow and we have a treat for you. Today we have Fabricio Werdum, a two time IBJJF World Champion and two time ADCC champion, in a video he filmed at the jiu jitstu academy of Rubens Charles "Cobrinha", a competition great in himself.

In addition to his pure grappling accolades, Werdum is also one of the finest grapplers in MMA and is currently a Heavyweight contender in the UFC. In this video Werdum shows a no gi posture control for the closed guard and how it sets up a triangle.

While this is fairly basic stuff he throws in a few really key details for catching the triangle in grappling and MMA settings. And as a bonus, the guy Werdum is demonstrating on goes out at one point, so you know the choke is legit.

This video cam from Cobrinha's YouTube channel which has some good techniques and conditioning tips.

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