Shogun V Hendo Card - Fights to Watch.. There's not many..

It’s UFC 139 ladies and gentlemen!!!

Well, no it’s not really, it’s actually the upcoming Fight Night with Shogun v Hendo (in the last TRT exemption bout of the UFC). Back at 139 (2011) we had a hell of a fight which, one which I thought Shogun won but the judges disagreed and instead gave it to Hendo (personally I could talk Hendo related judging conspiraversies til the cows come home but who wants to listen to my ranting???). Neither Shogun nor Hendo are really anywhere in the division these days and Hendo is on the back end of a 3 fight losing streak which I think we are all expecting Shogun to turn into 4 fights unless Hendo has so much TRT pumped into his system while he still can that he just turns up as one giant ball of indestructible muscle which is admittedly a little unlikely.

It’ll be a hostile crowd for this one as we’re back in Brazil which means the supporting fights will be wirth people you probably don’t care about and won’t have heard of unless you are dull enough to have watched the first 2 seasons of TUF Brazil, like me.

A few fights to watch are:

Mutante vs CB Dollaway – For those of you who had no idea, yes, Dollaway is still in the UFC and apparently looking good in training, Mutante has potential and this could be an exciting fight.

Leonardo Santos v Norman Parke – Parke’s a good fighter but he may struggle with Santos if it goes to the ground, he’s won the BJJ Worlds 7 times and fought in Shooto, Sengoku and BAMMA so Parke has his hands well and truly full.

Marbek Taisumov v Michel Prazeres – Taisumov is 21 and 4 and is on the back of a 4 fight streak which really should be a 10 fight streak as he had one fairly moody split decision loss in M1, Prazeres is 17 and 1 with his only loss being to Paulo Thiago.

The rest of the card has a fair bit of filler in it but its part of the fight pass package and as a result I’ll watch the whole damn thing.

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