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UFC 171 results recap: Hector Lombard vs. Jake Shields

Look back at this clash of champions where Lombard took Shields to a one-sided decision.

Matt Roberts

In the first of three contests between top ranked welterweights on the UFC 171 main card, Hector Lombard (34-4-1, 1 C) took a one-sided decision over Jake Shields (29-7-1, 1 NC). Lombard remained undefeated in two fights in the UFC welterweight division with a 3-2 record inside the Octagon. The loss was Shields third in the UFC and his promotional record dropped to 3-3-1.

Lombard worked Shields over through the first round. He tossed him repeatedly and landed plenty of hard shots. Shields' iron chin helped him withstand the damage, but he was never able to put out effective offense.

What was the high point of the fight?

Where do they go from here?

There's an outside chance that Lombard gets the first crack at Johny Hendrick's shiny new welterweight belt. However, the lackluster nature of his decision win will probably make the UFC look for alternatives. Assuming he doesn't get an immediate rematch for the title, Robbie Lawler would make a good fight for Hector.

This loss pretty much closed the book on any chance of Shields sniffing UFC gold any time soon. It wasn't likely even with a win, but it'll be all but impossible for the 35 year old to reach the top again now. I know winner/loser fights are somewhat rare, but I'd like to see him against Dong Hyun Kim next.

Watch it now, later, or never?

Highlights will do for this one. You'll want to see the big shots and throws landed by Lombard, but there was a lot of inactivity on the ground that keeps it from being a must-see.