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UFC 171: Diego Sanchez says he had food poisoning going into bout with Myles Jury

Diego Sanchez came up short in his UFC 171 lightweight bout with Myles Jury last night, and today he offered up an explanation - food poisoning from a beef tartare and raw quail egg.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

UFC 171 wasn't a good night for lightweight Diego Sanchez, who came out on the losing end of a bout with Myles Jury. He tried to use his usual pressure style to get to Jury, but Myles was a step ahead of him all night and it was reflected on the final scorecards. Today, Sanchez turned to twitter to explain why he was a bit lethargic (at least for him) in the bout - he says he got food poisoning from an ill-advised beef tartare and a raw quail egg at a restaurant in the hotel where the fighters were staying. Here's a rundown of the detailed (and somewhat amusing) tweets:

He even took the time to provide a link to the hotel restaurant menu so you could see that it was indeed the tar tar:

The loss was Sanchez's (24-7) third in four bouts and only the second time he didn't earn a fight of the night bonus in the last three-plus years.