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UFC 171 results: Kid Nate's Bathrobe Review

Kid Nate of looks back at last night's UFC 171 card with reviews of every fight from the Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler title fight classic to the prelims. Except for Scoggins vs. Campuzano which he forgot to review.

It's pretty short and sweet but Kid Nate got up early this morning, threw on his bathrobe, turned on the web cam and reviewed every bout on the UFC 171 card - except one, sorry guys!

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Quick review of Scoggins vs. Campuzano: Scoggins seems to be for real. He's very young and has an unorthodox karate-based striking style. He utterly dominated a tough Campuzano and I expect him to rise to contender status very fast, maybe too fast. It's a 3 star fight and a watch "later" only because there are so many other must-see NOW fights on the card.

I also didn't rant on the fact that the UFC's refusal to sign undefeated former Bellator champ and Olympic wrestler Ben Askren deprives us of the most natural rival for Johny Hendricks as UFC Welterweight champ. The guys were bitter bitter rivals in college and Askren knows how to talk to sell a fight. Lost opportunity.