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UFC 171 results: The Sixth Round

Bloody Elbow's round table of Kid Nate, Zane Simon, and Connor Ruebusch are on the air immediately following UFC 171 with their post fight thoughts.

The Sixth Round is back (personally I still liked The Post-Fight Scuffle, but whatever... I can be big about these things) to talk about all the action from an incredible night of UFC fights. The UFC saw a new welterweight champion crowned for the first time since 2008, and the 170 lb division, in general, was given a good hard shakeup.

If, for whatever reason you can't watch the video here, this is the YouTube link. And, of course, be sure to like the video on YouTube and subscribe to MMANATIONDOTCOM, because you love MMA and Bloody Elbow.

Topics covered in tonight's video:

  • Hendricks vs. Lawler: Is this what Valhalla looks like?
  • Woodley vs. Condit: Is Woodley now "legit" or was this a fluke win?
  • Diego Sanchez: He won a split decision, right?
  • Lombard vs. Shields: Did Lombard show off, or just show up?
  • Kelvin Gastelum just might be for real, Alex Garcia might not be.
  • Justin Scoggins is the real wunderkid prospect of the lower weight classes.
  • Bermudez vs. Hettes: I'm pretty sure it's illegal for people to fight bears.
  • EXTRA BONUS: Connor's wolf lamp.