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UFC 171: Condit on Woodley's point fighting comment, Diaz title shot demands & more

UFC Welterweight top contender, Carlos Condit discusses opponent, Tyron Woodley, Nick Diaz' recent demands for a title shot, and answers a series of off-topic questions in the personality segment.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow night, we get another fun card, filled with some very interesting match-ups, including the Welterweight title fight and a contender bout to determine who's next in line to compete for that very same belt. In a sea of events that have already happened, it's the first one of the year that I am anxiously awaiting, and that's due to the main and co-main events.

Carlos Condit vs Tyron Woodley has the potential to be a barn-burner of epic proportions. Both men have power and solid ground games. Condit's resiliency and ability to effectively turn fights around to his advantage is widely known, and when you combine it with his unorthodox striking, you get the recipe for a very dangerous man.

In a recent interview with MMA Sentinel, Condit discussed opponent, Tyron Woodley, Nick Diaz' recent demands for a title shot, and answers a series of off-topic questions in the personality segment. Here's what The Natural Born Killer had to say:

Tyron Woodley

I think Woodley is a very tough opponent. He's an obviously athletic guy, an accomplished wrestler, and I think he's made a pretty good transition into the realm of mixed martial arts. He's a guy trying to make his mark, and he sees me as a guy who's above him, so he's going to try to pull me down so he can pull himself up. That's how the sport works.

Sometimes talking a little smack helps get you there faster. I've found Tyron to be pretty respectful. I read the statement he made about me being a point fighter but it doesn't bother me, and I honestly don't care. A lot of people know that is really not the case, so it's not of great concern to me.

Nick Diaz

I think Diaz is trying to stay relevant. He obviously wants to get in on a title fight because that's where the money is at. I think he needs to put some wins together and get his career back on track if he wants to start making claims for the title. I think he's pretty out there and makes these outrageous claims so he can stay relevant.

That Diaz fight was offered to me recently. Dana called and asked if I would fight Diaz. I agreed and for whatever reason, they couldn't work it out with Nick.

Personality Close-Up (Rapid fire 5 question grouping)

If you could add one event to the Olympics, outside of MMA or BJJ, what would it be?

Maybe some of those crazy Scottish games where they're tossing the giant logs. That would be awesome.

*For those wondering, it's called the Caber Toss*

If you could have dinner with one historical figure, past or present, in any walk of life (sports, politics, entertainment), who would it be?

Genghis Khan (said with zero hesitation)

What is the Number 1 thing on your bucket list?

I want to go and explore the Amazon; maybe go for six months into the Amazon basin to fish, hunt and explore. I'd definitely take a few guys along, because that would probably be the last you ever heard of me if I went by myself [laughs].

What is the most revolting thing you've ever eaten?

They have these fermented soybean things in Japan with this crazy, gooey, stringy stuff coming off of them. I don't know what the Heck it is, but it's pretty gross.

What animal or insect frightens you or bothers you most?

Cockroaches absolutely gross me out, but I've seen a bear pretty close up, and man, that's actually something that could tear your face right off.

*Bonus Question*

What's been a memorable experience along your MMA journey that didn't involve a fight?

My first fight ever, I was fighting down in Juarez, Mexico and Diego Sanchez was my roommate. He was fighting that night, too. Just getting ready with that guy, with all his intensity and emotion...the absolute craziness of the night, starting with Diego doing a razor shave of his head and pumping himself up. I think he had stitches at the time from having been cut a couple days earlier. It was pretty memorable and really stands out for me.

You can follow Carlos via his Twitter account, @CarlosCondit