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Bellator 112: Straus vs Curran - Live results and play-by-play

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Bellator returns to action with a card headlined by a featherweight title rubber match between Daniel Straus and Pat Curran from the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Bellator returns to action tonight on Spike TV with Bellator 112 live from the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN. Pat Curran gets a chance to regain the Bellator featherweight title from the man who took it from him in 2013, Daniel Straus.

The main card broadcast will feature these four bouts:

Daniel Straus vs. Pat Curran – Bellator featherweight title bout

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Andrey Koreshkov – Opening round bout in Bellator welterweight tournament

Cristiano Souza vs. Sam Oropeza – Opening round bout in Bellator welterweight tournament

Jesse Juarez vs. Adam McDonough – Opening round bout in Bellator welterweight tournament

We'll have live results all night along with results and some analysis in the hours following the event. The main card broadcast kicks off at 9 p.m. ET.

Dallas here: taking over the play by play because it's my kind of Friday night. We're live on Spike. Results descend below.

Jesse Juarez vs. Adam McDonough

Round 1 - McDonough loosens a spinning back kick to the body. Juarez anticipates the next one and shoots, but McDonough plugs him with a hard knee and does a good job of matching his level change. Juarez persists and keeps working for the takedown with McDonough against the cage, then lands on top in arm-triangle position after a scramble, but he can't "turn the clock" because of the fence.

McDonough stays composed and squirts out, but Juarez latches on after the restart, working a rear waist cinch and threatening to hop into back control. Juarez jams a hook in and goes for back control, and McDonough reverses just before the fall and lands in full mount. No space being given by McDonough in mount. McDonough takes the back of Juarez as he tries to spin out and closes the round in the midst of a legit rear-naked choke attempt. How people will still refuse to score an even round after ... continues to baffle me. 10-10 for identical offensive effectiveness.

Round 2 - McDonough snaps a low kick that makes Juarez lose his footing, and proceeds to bang right hands off his ribs from the front head lock position. McDonough raises up and hip bumps Juarez over, falling into his half guard. McDonough Gable-grips the over-under and uses it to pass to side control, landing short knees to the shoulder.

Juarez gets free and they restart on the feet. McDonough throws a spinning low kick that again takes out Juarez's footing and drops him momentarily. Jab, jab straight from Juarez, who then looks for an up-knee in the clinch. McDonough spins for another kick but Juarez times a takedown. McDonough stays upright with the fence on his back and looks to hit a switch, then wisely steps over Juarez's body and bombs more rights to the ribs. 10-9 McDonough.

Round 3 - Shockingly, McDonough attacks low with another kick and Juarez goes down again, turtling. McDonough takes his back and gets in one hook in while fighting for the other. He switches back and forth from a bodylock to choke attempts in back mount, then flattens Juarez out and cinches on the body triangle. There's not a lot cookin' but it's because Juarez is showing some feisty defense.

Juarez finally takes the risk and stops hand-fighting to take a knee, and it pays off when he breaks free. Juarez attacks and takes McDonough down after sneaking behind him with the waist lock, and gets busy from back mount by alternating left hands to the head and choke attempts. McDonough reverses and dodges a D'arce attempt during the transition, and closes the round throwing punches on top. 10-9 McDonough for a 30-28 on my card.

  • Adam McDonough defeats Jesse Juarez by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Cristiano Souza vs. Sam Oropeza

Round 1 - A tentative/respectful start. Souza either goes for a Capoeira hand-stand kick or a scissors takedown. Oropeza back steps and clinches with an underhook, pushing Souza on the cage. Souza grabs a tight body lock and circles Oropeza onto the fence but disengages on behalf of a big Oropeza up-knee.

Oropeza charges with a flurry and they clinch -- Souza attempts some semblance of a belly to belly suplex and pulls Oropeza on top of him ala ninja Scott Morris vs. Pat Smith at UFC 2. "Sammy O" comes forward and pastes Souza with a Lawler-esque lunging right hook, dropping him. Oropeza pounces and lands a volley of unhindered left hands; Souza protests the stoppage despite staring at the canvas throughout the closing flurry.

  • Sam Oropeza defeats Cristiano Souza by KO (right hook), Round 1

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Andrey Koreshkov

Round 1 - Burrell comes out vivacious and aggressive with punches. Koreshkov uncorks a right body kick that catches Burrell under the armpit, freezes him in his tracks and then topples him over. The replay reveals that the knee caught caught Burrell on the chin as well for a Russian double whammy.

  • Andrey Koreshkov defeats Nah-Shon Burrell by KO (knee/kick), Round 1

Pat Curran vs. Daniel Straus -- Bellator Featherweight Championship

Round 1- Front kick from Curran. Stiff one-two is Straus' answer. Two more straight kicks from Curran, followed by double right hands. Straus slips throwing a big left high kick and Curran clips him in the chin with a short knee on the way up. Curran surprisingly initiates the clinch and hits an outside trip. Straus goes half-butterfly guard, looking for a sweep -- Curran goes chest to chest, then postures up with punches.

As soon as he does, Straus is quick in snaking his legs over for an inverted triangle. Curran slips his head free and nearly takes Straus' back, but settles for a side ride as Straus turtles parallel with the fence. Curran fishes for a choke from the headlock position but Straus creates enough space to stand. In the 50/50 clinch, Curran lands a knee to the body and pursues another trip, but Straus switches to a powerful D'arce choke and then transitions to a power guillotine that is tight. Curran escapes just before the bell. 10-9 Curran.

Round 2 - Straus comes out busier with his straight left in the second. And that's the exact punch that absolutely floors Curran, sending him flat on his back. He recovers quickly and stands back up but his right eye is showing some serious damage, though not bleeding excessively. Straus looking to counter-flurry as soon as Curran commits. Now it's Curran who lunges in with a sharp combination that drives Straus back, and he closes it off with a knee to the body.

Straus counters Curran's clinch knee with a right left hook, then persists with a looping overhand left. Quick three-punch combo from Curran, then a straight kick downstairs. These boys are going at it now. Curran lands another short burst that seems to anger Straus, as he charges whilst heaving big leather and a left high kick. Curran defends and leaps into a jumping knee. 10-9 Straus.

Round 3 - They come out swinging again. Curran throws a roundhouse kick to the body, then tries one upstairs. Straus connects with the latter of a one-two. Curran flashes his hands and forces Straus back, then wheels out a high roundhouse kick that Straus seems to block. Straus shakes his head and raises his arms, egging Curran on. Front kick from Curran; it's answered by a low kick from Straus.

Curran doubles up on right hands and lands another body kick. Straus fires a left hand and changes levels but Curran stuffs it, spears in a knee to the sternum and pushes Straus on the cage. Straus swivels his hips into a powerful outside trip and gets Curran down, but he takes a knee and stands right back up. Hell of a scrap here. Curran grabs a body lock and puts Straus on the cage, and the ref again barks out to "fight off the cage" and "stay busy" as they're both landing punches in the clinch. Straus swings a meatball of a left hook after Curran misses a risky jump knee and Curran kind of falls and kind of rolls into guard. 10-10 for a pretty damn even round.

Round 4 - Straus comes out launching left hands and pushes Curran against the fence. Curran spins off the fence, Straus does the same and Curran repeats it. The ref continues to show an intolerance for clinch fighting and separates the fighters. They both throw kicks simultaneously and Straus catches it low, but takes only a few seconds to restart.

Front kick, right, left, right combo from Curran. Straus still throwing heavy leather but it's thwacking off Curran's gloves due to his quick defensive shelling. Straus catches Curran's kick but eats a few punches from Curran, hopping on one leg. Straus tries to clinch but Curran fires short and accurate counters. 10-9 Curran by a narrow margin for his accuracy and striking defense, making him a tad more effective.

Round 5 - They hug it out in the center to start the final round. They clinch up and trade places against the fence. The ref separates them and pauses to wipe off "excessive Vaseline" on Curran's eye. Curran pings a left hook and right cross in close and Straus responds with a streaking left. Two right hooks land for a Curran with a missed body knee in between.

Curran changes levels during a Straus attack and drops on his knees for a double leg with the body lock, and works hard to get it. He scrambles to Straus' back with just over a minute left and ties on a rear-naked choke that looks tight, but elicits a thumbs up from Straus. Then another thumbs up from Straus, who's content to lay still and gesture. The next gesture is a tapout, as Curran's relentlessly wrenched the choke throughout the final 45-seconds. Pat Curran earns his featherweight championship back in a stellar fight.

Pat Curran defeats Daniel Straus by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 5

Preliminary Card Results

  • Nathan Coy defeats Paul Bradley by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Daniel James defeats Erick Correa by submission (punches), Round 2
  • Anthony Gomez defeats Jason Guida by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-26)
  • Derek Loffer defeats Bobby Reardanz by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
  • Darrion Caldwell defeats Lance Surma by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1
  • Belal Muhammad defeats A.J. Matthews by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)