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Jake Shields will call for a shot at the UFC title with a dominating win over 'prick' Hector Lombard

Jake Shields is feeling a bit slighted that he is not being talked about as a possible UFC welterweight title contender, and he plans on doing something about that on Saturday at UFC 171

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Shields is kind of miffed heading into UFC 171, at least as miffed as Jake Shields can get. If you take a look at the UFC welterweight rankings and Shields' record, he may have a reason for his displeasure.

The reason Shields is upset is that there has been talk of the winner of UFC 171's co-main event getting a title shot, but no talk of Shields getting a shot at UFC gold if he proves victorious over Hector Lombard in his fight in Dallas on Saturday night. The fighters competing in the co-main event, Carlos Condit (No. 2 in the UFC's welterweight division) and Tyron Woodley (No. 11) both have losses on their records at the hands of Shields. For that matter, so does one of the men that is fighting for the vacant UFC welterweight title on Saturday night, Robbie Lawler (No. 3).

Shields spoke about the situation on Wednesday during a short media scrum, "It's a little frustrating to have beat three of those four guys and they're all pushed above me, so I want to go out there and put on a dominant performance and get back to a title shot."

The reason Shields' name may not be coming out of the mouths of UFC brass is that some people consider his style of fighting less than exciting. One of those people is Lombard, who during his media scrum, said of Shields, "He's boring. He's boring, and I don't like to see him fight, and I'm a fight fan."

Shields responded to Lombard's criticism by saying, "I've always thought Hector's a prick, everyone kind of knows that, so it's not surprising (that he said that)."

Shields expanded on his thoughts on Lombard, offering, "Everyone that knows him, no one likes him at the gym. He's the guy that goes to all the new guys and tries breaking their ribs, breaking their arms, knocking them out."

That's not to say that Shields is dismissive of Lombard as a fighter, he isn't, "I do respect him as a fighter," Shields said. "He's a great fighter, he's never been finished, and he has a ton of knockouts."

That ability to knock people out may be one of the reasons that Lombard is attempting to get under Shields' skin ahead of their fight on Saturday night. Shields, a professional fighter since 1999, says he sees through Lombard's gamesmanship and has no plans to engage Lombard in a striking war. Instead, Shields said he will look to take the fight to the ground and put Lombard on his back and submit him.

If that happens; if Shields does earn a victory in dominant fashion, you can expect him to have something to say to UFC commentator Joe Rogan during his post-fight interview, "If I win, especially if I win in a dominant fashion, I'm going to go out there and ask for that title shot."

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