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UFC: Ronda Rousey preparing for legal action with management team

UFC women's bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey is gearing up with legal representation in preparation of action from her management.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

When an athlete has a meteoric rise to the top in the fashion that Ronda Rousey has experienced, sometimes the starting management team is outgrown. We saw a similar thing happen with Jon Jones a few years back when he split off from Ryan Ciotoli, and we're seeing it again now with Rousey.

Sherdog reports that Rousey and Fight Tribe Management, run by Darin Harvery, are at odds and have taken steps to rectify their dispute with legal action. Harvey took the first step by filing filing a petition for arbitration in Los Angeles Superior Court, naming Rousey as the respondent and seeking that the court appoint a neutral arbitrator to settle the dispute.

Rousey has retained the services of Steven Bash of Bash & Polyachenko, P.C.

"As far as disagreements go, we don't have any intention to publicly litigate any dispute or air grievances or dirty laundry about their relationship," Bash told on Wednesday. "The only current issue is whether or not Fight Tribe can legally be considered Ronda Rousey's manager under well-established California law, and we feel the answer will be no ... Today, the fact is, that [representation agreement] is voidable and null and not legally enforceable. Once we get a determination, then we'll go from there, but that's really what the issue is today."

"Honestly, I'm still gathering a lot of facts, because my firm's involvement is strictly for this particular issue," said Bash. "I can't really comment on the source of the friction. I can tell you that there are multiple sources, but it's still pretty premature to discuss them, because the issue is one of legality, rather than what I'm sure people want to hear, which is ‘What's going on behind the scenes to have caused this situation to occur?' It's premature for that, and in my opinion, it's not necessary. Maybe it all comes out later in the future, but right now, like in any relationship that comes to an end, there is an emotional component to it. So I think it would be an unnecessary aspect of what is going on."

We'll keep our readers updated as more details emerge.