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Vladimir Putin gives American MMA fighter $150K after watching him get beat up by Alex Shlemenko

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Before he became the Bellator champ, Alexander Shlemenko beat the holy crap out of American Anthony Ruiz in Sochi, Russia. Vladimir Putin was in the audience was so touched by Ruiz' bravery that he wired the fighter $150,000.


Veteran MMA journalist Josh Gross has scored an epic tale.

It seems that while fighting in Russia in 2012, on break from being Bellator's Middleweight champ, Alexander Shlemenko dished out a beating to American journeyman Anthony Ruiz in front of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin...a beating so epic that Pooty-poot felt compelled to make it rain all over Ruiz' bank account.

Here's some nuggets from the story:

Shelmenko, who "hit me probably a thousand times," tallied Ruiz. "My nose was broken all the way to the side in the last round. It was brutal."

Alexei Zhernakov, Shlemenko's manager and matchmaker for the evening's promoter, League S-70, described Ruiz's night like this: "He got the crap beat out of him."

Putin liked what he saw, from both fighters:

"Putin was right to tell me I fought nobly-I didn't want to kill Ruiz in the ring," said Shlemenko.

Putin thought enough of the American's resilience and courage to offer a standing ovation, kind words and significantly more.

Immediately after the fight, with the tone of one friend telling another they have food stuck between their teeth, the Russian president offered this advice in English.

Said Putin: "You need to fix your nose."

And when you come to Putin's attention in a good way, good things happen:

Two weeks after returning home, mostly recovered by then, Ruiz's phone rang. The voice on the other end spoke English, although it was obvious this was an intermediary for a Russian party who could be overheard in the background.

Ruiz was asked about his health.

Did he need anything?

He was fine, he said.

Then he was asked for a SWIFT code-the standard format for transferring money between banks, especially internationally. Ruiz didn't have a clue. He visited his bank to inquire why anyone would want to know such a thing.

Two days later, after deciding to play along, $50,000 was wired into his account from the Russian Federation.

Understandably, Ruiz freaked out. He checked with his financial institution and was told, indeed, it's real money and, better yet, his to keep.

"I couldn't believe it," he recalled. "Then the next day, boom, another $50,000."

For all Ruiz knew, a third wire transfer, also to the tune of $50,000, represented the number of times Shlemenko buried him in Sochi.

"The bank was telling me there's some people who aren't all that straight doing transfers and stuff like that," he said. "I also knew it was coming from Putin, and he's one of the wealthiest persons in the world. So, really, $150,000 ain't that much to him. That's what I'm telling myself to justify it. Sure enough, I kept it in there and left it alone. It was real. It really happened."

Read the whole post, it's excellent.

The bout took place at League S-70: The Russian Championship Finals. Ruiz has gone 3-1 in pro bouts since losing to Shlemenko.