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2014 Pans Advanced Class: Philipe Della Monica Breaks Down the Leg Drag

In a lead up to the Pans, the Advanced Class takes another look at how to beat the open guard with GB Professor Philipe Della Monica.

Alright everyone welcome back to Advanced Class, remember to be in this class you need two or more stripes on your BElitist white belt. Today we have a special guest in Gracie Barra competitor and instructor Philipe Della Monica. I've had the pleasure of attending a seminar of his and learning this particular technique in person and can attest to its practical nature and functionality during rolling. Della Monica is multiple-time medalist at the IBJJF Pans and World Championships, and is one of the most active competitors in the sport jiu jitsu scene.

So as discussed in the last class, top players need to have an answer for the open guards of the elite players and we will continue with that theme in this class. Open guard sweeps, especially the bermibolo, have become a dominant force in sport jiu jitsu and many are searching for the next step in the meta game to find an edge. One of the primary answers has been for top players to develop their leg drag passes. The leg drag has since become increasing popular and is making life very difficult for guard players. In this video Della Monica breaks down getting into the leg drag and some details on finishing the pass.

Della Monica is set to compete in the Pans this weekend at Lightweight and you can purchase a Live Stream of every mat through

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